acet aminophen/codeine & Ibuprofen 800mg

Discussion in 'General' started by nickydigital, May 22, 2006.

  1. alright well i found some pills in my old cabinet need some info on whats the best way to take them i mean i dont really know what they do soo yea =)

    I have

    - acet aminophen/codeine


    - ibuprofen 800mg

    also my dog got a cut on her leg the other day and gave me a tranquilizer (pill) to give to her at night wondering what would happened if i popped one in, wondering about that since I tried "Special K" which is supposidly a cat tranquilizer
  2. ibuprofen = tylenol

    The codeine can get you high. I suggest looking up a cold water extraction though.
  3. all of them are really complicated it seems know a quick way? Can i just take it regularly with water? they are 300mg
  4. What are the chemical(s) in the tranq?

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