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ACDC Capsules and Sour tsunami

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by seattlegrass007, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. i have had chronic pain(in my joints especially) for the past twenty years. no diagnosis in all these years. Plus I have allergies and asthma.
    Saw an ND recently who was nice enough to get me an MMJ card.
    bought myself some :
    1) acdc capsules from releaf wellness(0.55 mg THC and 15mg CBD)
    2) Canchew gum
    3) Sour Tsunami #3 ( <1% thc; high CBD)
    I tried Canchew(CBD from hemp) and that made me sleepy for a few hours.
    i am sorta scared to try the other two due to my bad experience with a Weed cookie last time.
    My experience with weed cookie:
    one fine thursday evening i decided to ingest some weed cookie; i did not know anything about THC, CBD percentages etc.
    the first 15-20 minutes were pretty good; i felt really energetic and even wanted to dance ( i never ever dance) and all the pain in my hands and feet seemed to dissipate; it felt amazing.
    this was replaced by my heart racing and thoughts that were coming at me at a rate I couldnt process. i saw so many things that I couldn't use language to describe. felt disconnected from reality. at one point i thought i had melted and blended in with the night. this continued for about 4-6 hours and i passed out at some point. the next day was a blur.
    Now i want to give medical marijuana a shot but without all the nasty side effects.
    • Any word of advice?
    • any experiences with acdc or Sour tsunami #3?
    • Do high CBD edibles put you to sleep? 
    • Difference between smoking and edibles?
    I am looking for pain relief as well as clear headed focus without sleepiness or paranoia.
    Please share.

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    That is a classic effect of just eating too high a dose of THC. Cannabis is very dose dependent, and most people over-do it with the edibles. If you had eaten half the cookie the experience would've been much nicer.
    Without knowing the exact dose of THC you took that before that one unpleasant experience, I can't tell you how much to reduce it.
    That said, the minimum amount of THC you can eat to feel "high" is 2-5mg, so your 0.5mg THC edible with high CBD won't give you a similar experience at all. At worst, that edible might make you a bit sleepy.
    I would eat the CBD edible, either the whole thing (15mg is pretty manageable, it's not very psychoactive) or do half if you're still worried. I'm sure you'll have a very pleasant experience as compared to the THC edible you tried.
    ACDC is a 20-30:1 ratio and Tsunami #3 is 12-15:1, these ratios produce almost no psychoactive effect at a normal dose (2-5 smoked inhalations), but are excellent at reducing pain/inflammation and anxiety.
    CBD can put you to sleep at a high dose, but i'm talking 50+mg. At a low dose (10-20) it can be mildly stimulating. Remember that cannabis is often a biphasic drug, meaning a low dose can have completely opposite effects to a high dose. Experiment with different doses.
    I take about 10-30mg CBD and 5-10mg THC every morning, at this dose it does not make me sleepy. If I take more than that I can get sleepy.
    There is a big difference between smoking and eating. First is the duration- after smoking you'll feel the effects within 5 minutes and they'll last 1-2 hours. After eating you'll feel the effects within an hour or two, and they'll last 5-8 hours. Eating cannabis is a much slower, drawn out effect.
    Also eating is generally sleepier, but not necessarily. This is because of first pass metabolization, which converts some of the THC you eat into 11-OH-THC, which is a sedative version of THC. Since your edible has only 0.5mg THC, this shouldn't be a big factor.
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  3. Incredibly well written and awesome reply!
    you answered every single one of my questions and put my mind to rest over trying out either acdc capsules or smoking sour tsunami #3.
    i have read and re-read your reply several times since I saw your post;these are points that are not well documented anywhere.
    I have been looking for these answers for the last few months and had not even come across similar questions let alone the questions  answered in one thread.
    You could make this a part of the FAQ. I can help with that if you would like.
    I genuinely do hope I feel better on this and not have any side effects.
    Many thanks again.
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  4. may I suggest you also get a vaporizer and procure a high thc strain to go along with your high cbd strain. what this will do is allow you to take your high cbd pills/edibles, etc and before the sleepiness from them takes affect dose a tiny bit with the high thc strain in the vape to keep your senses alert. vaping will also introduce freshly inhaled terpenes into your system where the cooking process in the edibles and the pill could have stripped or evaporated the terpenes. terpenes are sensitive to air and light so the key is to leave your bud whole and break up the amount you need to use right then when you use it so as not to expose the terps to the elements and to thwart oxidative stress.
    getting the terps along with all the other compounds is totally necessary in regards to a whole and complete medicinal cannabis experience
  5. I'd say some people experience sleepiness with CBD, because their body goes into healing mode. It's just a natural response. 
    Also wanted to add, you can also eat the high CBD to help you come down faster, if you ingest too much THC, or use it before hand to avoid overwhelming stimulation from THC, but allow the relaxation. 
    Aaaand that I love both ACDC and Sour Tsunami, especially the Sour Tsunami!

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