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  1. Eh if anybody here has used accutane, did your face get really red? If so... how long did it stay red for? I am thinking of going on it but I've heard that theres alot of bad side effect but I can put up with them except having a really red face.
  2. Your face gets red because it's so dry. If you keep up with moisturizing your body and face it should be good. I've been on accutane for just over a month, and I'm having my first flare-up that's expected... The first few weeks my face improved a lot and right now I'm breaking out a lot, my face is a little red and stuff. It all depends on the individual.

    A good idea is to ask your dermatoligist because I can't tell you outside of personal experience.
  3. I've been on it. That's serious stuff. Yeah it might get red, but a face moisterizer can take care of that. I assume it's really bad if they are putting you on Accutane. So keep in mind that you'll start seeing results, and then it will be gone, and then you'll realize that a red face for a couple months is worth no more acne.
  4. thanks for the replies. My face isn't thattt bad but i still have quite alot of acne. What moisturizers would you reccommend?
  5. Man, try prescription benzaclin...worked miracles for me when I was younger and had it. I still use it on pimples to this day and it continues to work...which is rare for and antibiotic medicine.
  6. dont do that shit. i almost got prescribed it but i refused. my friend got it and said it dried out his head. as in....his......head

    of his dick. no lie.
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    My brother used Accutane, he had horrible zit problems. They were actually huge cysts though. They were huge and disgusting and if he didn't pop the the jit jizzum would get yellow and it would be smelly and shit. After taking it there were some nasty side effects but it definiately lasted for a year and a half. Now he is getting a few cysts every once in a while and he is worried they are going to start back up. The dermatologist said all his zit problems would be permanently gone, but obviously not. He gets maybe 1 a week now, which is much better. (I counted one and he had 37 on his face before taking accutane) The best I can suggest to you is stay on it for as long as possible even if you see no zits or anything. I hope his zits start coming back full blown because I hate him and he called the pigs on me because I was smoking weed back when I lived with him and my mom.

    Any face moistener should work
  8. You can use Cetaphil on all parts of your body... Not going to lie, I use it on my body but don't really like it on my face because it's a little greasy. So I've been using Purpose Dual Treatment SPF15 Moisturizing Lotion from Johnson&Johnson... Good shit.

    Something non-comedogenic that won't clog pores.

    And good luck man, the effects are outstanding. My treatment ends in June and I really can't wait to see how it works out.
  9. Eh, don't make the same mistake I did.
    I completely fucked my face up last year when I started to breakout for a second time.
    I started using way too many exfoliants, harsh benzo peroxide acne creams and cover-up.
    My face just got worse..and as a result I'd keep upping the amount of shit I put on my face..a bad cycle.

    Now I'm healing my face by using very light acne stuff from Vichy, skin can naturally heal itself better than harsh medications just need a really light non-greasy lotion and I guarantee your face will start to clear up in a month.
  10. what exact product are you using from vichy? I checked out their site and they seem pretty professional lol.
  11. I just have a bunch of samples of Vichy Normaderm and Vichy Normaderm Nuit (night).
    I still have acne since I only just started using them like a week and a bit ago.
    But I notice that every night I use the Normaderm Nuit I wake up with a face that is a little better then the day before.
  12. I've never had problems with acne, but my face looks a bit red during the winter when my tan starts to fade. I just use that Neutrogena Visibly Even face moisturizer and that takes the redness out...might help some of you guys out a bit. It's light and non-greasy.
  13. If you're thinkin about Accutane I gotta ask is your acne cystic? Usually they reserve it for severe stuff like that. This may seem out there, but I use what's called a red-blue light to treat my acne. To preface this, I've been through many different prescriptions and tried many different products that claim to get rid of acne and quite simply nothing has ever worked for me. The blue light reacts with the actual bacteria responsible for acne and causes it to produce free radicals, which kill the bacteria. The red light has an anti-inflammatory effect and actually heals skin faster than it normally would. It's some scientific shit and it's been well studied, the process is called phototherapy.

    I got my light for around $160, it comes with a lifetime warranty and is easily the best value for the performance compared with other setups companies try to sell that go for over $300 and $400. You use it for less than five minutes a day in addition to good skin care (I still use my prescription from my derm) and your acne practically vanishes. I still get occasional zits but my skin is so much healthier than it was a year or even 6 months ago. That's the end of my testimonial, check out the site if you're interested and sick of acne. Keep in mind derms offer this treatment but it's expensive as hell if you go the route of professional treatment.
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  14. man that is sick. Yah I saw an ad for those in my dermatologists office and he said it was like 1000 dollars for full treatment but he said it works wonders. That is actually affordable and looks pretty good. +rep
  15. Wow that looks amazing.
    I think I'm going to talk to my mom and dad about that.
    That would help my life out so much, +rep from me as well.
  16. i went on accutane like 2 years ago. when you're on it, it sucks, but its worth it. my face got really dry, and i always had chapped lips. your skin is really sensitive, so you can't stay out in the sun for a long time.
  17. I just started accutane alittle more than a month ago. In my opionion, the side effects really aren't bad as people say they are, but who knows depending on your body. It sucks that your skin is dry a large portion of the time, but just putting moisturizing lotion on will be all u need. Just be sure to carry chapstick around u at all times, because u lips will always be dry. You will most definetly start to see the results you are looking for, I'm very pleased so far and my face seems to be getting much better already.
  18. I was on accutane when I was 13. It worked very well, but the side effects were awful: it gave me rashes all over my body, my lips dried/cracked/bled, i got bloody noses on an almost daily basis.

    Good luck if you decide to go on it.

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