Accutane and Pot

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  1. Hey I'm going to be taking accutane soon, and I was just wondering if it's cool to be doing other shit with it. I'm pretty sure that smoking pot will be fine but I don't know about other shit like shrooms, e, or ketamine. Could somebody fill me in? The only thing I can think of is maybe taking shrooms I'll have a higher chance of having a bad trip because accutane kind of fucks with your head.

    Also anybody here ever take accuatane (its acne treatment btw) and did it work? Also did you feel depressed/angry?

  2. my friend took accutane n smoked bud. it worked for him. i dont really know if he got anger problems n stuff but i think i remebmer him sometimes saying he felt depressed but he tought it was the bud.. lol idk.. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT
  3. one of my old buddies did that a while back, he was pretty angry/sad all the time.

    i dont know if that was the accutane though, he was just kinda like that
  4. I don't know about how the pot will mix but I did go all the way through Accutane. I really didn't have any emotional or psychological problems thankfully. I will tell you that your acne will get worse on Accutane before it gets better BUT it will get better, MUCH BETTER! Just be prepared for that. Acctane works though. It totally cured my acne and I had an insane amount of acne due to genetics on my mothers side. Now I only get a zit once in a while.

    Also, you will need to always have chap stick handy. For whatever reason your lips will be dryed out bad all the time. Don't get the cheap stuff, get the expensive stuff as it actually works for moistening.

    You will be sensitive to sunlight, so try and not commit to things that will have you outside for long periods of time. If you have to be outside all day just wear some strong sun tan lotion. You will burn easier then usual.

    Good luck!
  5. I would seriously talk to your doctor before doing anything stronger then weed. Accutane is not a drug to be fucked with.
  6. I have no input as far as weed because I wasn't smoking when I took it. Good luck though with the Acutane. Not to scare you, but that period I was on it was probably the worst of my life. I became depressed and I bled randomly from my lips and nose and I got exema.

    But for what its worth it cleared my acne up in stunning fashion.
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    You will also need to get regular blood tests while on it. It has a way of causing issues with cholesterol. If your cholesterol is not monitoered, it can actually get high enough to cause pancreatitis as well.

    Not to scare you, I was on the stuff myself. I never had any problems with depression, or dry lips, or dry anything really. I was told I was going to experience that stuff, but it never happened. Cleared up the acne in fine fashion though!

    Edit: Yeah also, I wouldn't recommend doing anything harder than bud. Seriously, talk to your doc before you do anything like that.
  8. my sister's face REALLLLLLLLLY dried out cause of accutane. your drugs your face. just be careful.
  9. I was on Accutane about a year ago, used to blaze a lot; no problems there. I'm unsure of doing lsd/shrooms on it though. I would think it would be okay, but I'm no doctor.

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