Accused of shoplifting tonight...

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    So I was going to a party tonight and decided to pick up a 6 pack and a bottle of drain-o from Publix supermarket "where shopping is a pleasure" and after staring at the wall of beer for like 10 mins i grabbed some blue moon winter abby and i realized beer and draino is a weird combo, but my showers drain is clogged from watering my plants in there :rolleyes:

    So i go through the checkout line and walk out the door and as im about to get into my car some bitch is yelling at me to stop and im like :confused: cause im pretty stoned and idk what her problem was... she asked to see my receipt and I told her i didn't have it cause like everyone else why buys 1-2 things i threw it out as soon as i walked out the door... And she snatched my groceries out of my hand and told me i better go get it out of the trash :eek::mad::confused: And im like wtf whats your problem? and she told me she saw me walk out the door without paying! i'm like i cant believe your accusing me of shoplifting i was a boyscout for 15 years and ive never stolen a thing in my life... and she went back inside with my groceries and told me to come with her and point out who checked me out :mad:

    so when i went back inside i pointed to the dude and she was like ok and walked back to the car with my shit while having the fucking nerve to hassle me about not keeping my receipt! I grabbed my shit back and told her this was ridiculous and dont ever expect anyone to be this calm about being accused of stealing! I was surprised i didnt blow up on her but i was more upset than angry, im still kinda upset about it... I'm a very trustworthy person and i dont like being accused of shit like this...

    But whatever, i have a closet full of weed thats almost ready and blue moon winter abby is fucking amazing btw and im not some stupid bitch who is in their 30's and still works at publix checkout line
  2. Damn dude thats messed up I would've been like since I didnt steal mind talking to my lawyer about how this shit happend? some stores will settle out of the store. You handled that much better then I would have. props man.
  3. I would have slapped the stupid bitch after the guy said I payed for my shit. Woulda slapped the bitch with my dick, cash flow, gat, big bag of dope, hell, anythang.
  4. what a crazy i used to work at a deparment store and even confronting a customer like that could be enough to get me fired...oh and another example of how weed makes people clamer and not assholes like when poeple drink
  5. I'd have snatched em back and been like "Bitch, back the fuck up"

    Of course there probably wasn't time for that... You handled it way better than I would've OP. Props.
  6. I remember I was accused of shoplifting once.. they asked me to empty my pockets. They were right ;).

  7. This made me laugh my ass off
  8. Should have informed the manager its illegal to accuse a customer of shoplifting without cause, and then let him know that your lawyer would be contacting him shortly.
  9. My only question is how did a woman get a bag out of your hands?

    I would have spat on her just for accusing me.
  10. As soon as you walk out of the store, they can't relate anything shoplifting to you. You should have just kept on walking to your car.
  11. LOL don't spew random not true information. Firstly in every place I have ever lived they can legally keep you there with force until police arrive. Second even if your state is like that not everyone's is get the guy arrested.
  12. She didn't apologize or anything? She should be fired. I can understand being suspicious and wanting to check a person out. But snatching a bag of groceries you rightfully paid for, and not even having the audacity to apologize is just wrong. Someone needs to be knocked off of their high horse.
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    That's not true, at all.

    I worked at ACME and Best Buy. I've seen people fired for attempting to keep an accused shoplifter in the store by locking the doors. I saw my former manager get taken away in handcuffs for grabbing someone who he thought was shoplifting.

    I recently just worked at a very big, community-oriented chain of grocery stores. Because of the illegality of store workers and manager to physically apprehend shoplifters and thieves, they hired a security company (authorized agents) to legally survey the store. Even they couldn't physically apprehend thieves and shoplifters, but their entire job was to monitor the store and keep up the appearance that they could, if you did anything. But they couldn't. It's against the law.

    As someone who has worked in the retail sector before, I can tell you that when someone DOES shoplift, they can be legally detained. However, unless you're absolutely sure they followed all 6-steps of this process, you don't lay a hand on them. You go back, look at security footage, and determine whether you make a call to loss prevention and print out a good picture of the shoplifter in case they come back.

    When I was in High School and worked at Best Buy, they used to lock the doors on us until we got manager's approval to leave. We used to stand there with the security guys by those big TVs they put in the front and watch security footage from the store sometimes. Usually they'd go back and look at their notes as to whom they thought was shoplifting, and where. Sometimes they were so sure they saw someone shoplifting, and sometimes even got reports of shady happenings, but no shoplifting actually occurred. That's where the risk of false arrest comes into play.

    With that said, when I worked in a small Italian specialty store, if I had training, I could have legally detained a number of shoplifters because I saw them from the moment they began to shoplift until the moment they walked out the door without paying.

    tl;dr His post wasn't misinformation; This guy should notify the store manager that his lawyer would like to see the security-training paperwork for the employee that stole his purchased merchandise on company property
  14. Could she not have calmy asked to see your reciept and then taken you to the checkout? Its not like you were trying to peel out of the fucking lot.
  15. Exactly what I said.
  16. First off I wouldn't allow anyone to take items from my hands like that, they'd get choked out without warning.

    You need to go in and settle this with the manager or owner...if they don't seriously apologize or make up for it in someway, then shop elsewhere.

    Honestly if you plan to sue as someone suggested...that would make you more retarded then the chick who stopped you. Someone caused you like 5-10 minutes of drama...yeh it's bullshit but she made a mistake, but that doesn't give you the right to pull a bunch of other ( innocent) people into it and create drama for them as well.
  17. Should have raped her

  18. This makes you a winner :cool:

    I've been at publix and some lady was checking out but she didn't put any of the stuff on the bottom of her cart on the conveyor belt and no one notices.
    People walk out the door and the alarms are GOING OFF and no one even looks at them to say 'you're good' and the people just keep going.
    I know when I buy stuff and sensors still go off, I stop and look around to make sure someone knows I'm NOT stealing.

    Publix tried to not let me buy lotto tickets once cause they couldn't do fucking math and thought I was 17.
    I pulled out my phone and did 2011-1992=19 and they were like 'we need to be sure' which is bullshit, cause they have those fucking calendars that tell you after what date people can buy cigs/lotto tix and booze, she just couldn't read it right I guess so she had to get a second opinion.
    This was probably over 6mo ago and way less serious than yours OP, just saying I get more upset than pissed over empty accusations too.
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    No, you said:

    And that was in direct reply to the OP's situation, right?

    Well once again you're wrong, and here's why:

    See the bolded? "They" can't hold you, only trained security staff can hold anyone. That includes guards, store detectives, store agents, etc. Chances are she was never trained for this, especially if she was on the floor. Usually only 2-3 people in the store can legally detain anyone, and if she was wearing a store uniform, she probably wasn't trained. They also can't hold you until police arrive, they can only hold you for enough time to figure out whether you actually stole something or not. If you hold someone for 2 hours waiting for the police to come, that's unreasonable. A detention and investigation usually occurs without police intervention.

    That's how the first part of your reply was wrong, now here's where the logic part of it fails:

    When she asked him who had checked him out, and asked him what he had done with his receipt, she admitted that she had not actually witnessed, interrupted, the entire act of shoplifting take place. Had she seen it take place, she would have realized whom had checked him out and where the receipt went. She didn't see anything actually happen. That's false arrest.

    The third part of your reply(second bolded) is also wrong, because almost no store will use force to detain any shoplifters. It makes them extremely prone to committing civil rights violations, even when shoplifting does take place. That's how I saw my manager at Best Buy get taken out in cuffs. He grabbed a guy outside the store and held him down. The police arrested both he and the shoplifter, and he was fired.

    There are a lot of clauses to "merchant's privilege". Don't speak about them if you don't understand them, and don't be a hypocrite by chastising others for spreading misinformation. You could get someone fired by trying to look smart.
  20. I over estimated your intelligence my bad. Thought it was obvious I meant security guards.

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