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  1. okay, so obv. you're gonna notice my avatar when you look at this post and any other post i make. i don't know what you're gonna think, but i know a lot of people have been thinking way too seriously about it.

    i'm not gay. i don't have anything against gay people, but i'm not gay myself.

    i dunno, people think you're funny or what when you say "oh you're gay, it's okay, you can say it" or are you actually stupid enough to believe that thinking cartoon dicks are funny makes you gay. seriously dudes, you can chill
  2. Swift Penisez.
  3. ^ My thoughts exactly.

    Why not change your avatar. if your a funny man i can think of a million things funnier than a cartoon wang
  4. why should i change it though, i don't see any reason to
  5. You can think of something funnier than "a" cartoon wang but can you think of something funnier than THREE cartoon wangs?

    edit; to Tokalo lol
  6. why worry if online people (they may not even be real!) think you are gay.
  7. I don't understand the point of this thread.....are you self-conscious about the avatar so you had to point it out before anyone else does? I don't think anyone would've questioned it. We're mostly adults here and don't care what avatars others have. Well, that's how I feel, I don't know how everyone else does?
  8. dude why the fuck do you think little drawing pensis are funny. atleast get a funny penis picture god damn. like with a little yellow hard hat and a hammer and with a funny saying like "can i help clear your pipes mama" atleast something
  9. yours is just weird
  10. [ame=]YouTube - Dick Drawings[/ame]

    apparently 8% of kids draw dicks all day!
  11. Get a black ops trumps penis picture. That would be an epic avatar.
  12. i made this so people would stop giving me shit about it
  13. This is why we have the 18+ rule

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