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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Talon, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. i have a laptop that i used to use to get on here. well, since it was my personal laptop i just stayed logged in. well, i gave it to my bro for the summer as his computer keeps fucking up and he spent a shit load of money on it allready. well, he's nosy as fuck and he doesent like me smoking. so today he tried to say something about me going on sites that teach me thousands of ways to get high, and he might even be posting on my name. im pretty much helpless unless the admins can help me out. i would prefer something being done than him reading my shit and posting something stupid and getting me banned and me having to beat the living shit out of him.
  2. Well, what are you wanting done?

    You could change your password or just register with a new User Name and let us delete this one. (The posts will remain with this User Name but you won't have access to the account any longer.) Let me know what you want to do via PM. That way if your bro is "watching" then he won't know what you're doing. :)
  3. wait, if i change the password, and its still in auto-log in on the laptop, would it ask him to enter the correct password?

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