according to the woodchucks percentage Im this *holds arms out reeeeeal wide* drunk!

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Nov 4, 2003.

  1. How much beer could wood chuck if wood could chuck Woodchuck? :D

    yup :D
  2. Yes, I do belive our Sensi is this *holds arms out reaaaaalllly, really wide* (wider than the munk drunkey did) drunk!!!! :D

    Having fun????? :p
  3. :D

    ...but jilly! how much beerc ould wood chuck if wood could chuck Woodchuck?

    ps, its amber :)

    let these questions not be left unknown!

  4. lol....

    munk.. oh youre killin me...
  5. Huh??????

    The Woodchuck would chuck beer if the Woodchuck could chuck beer...then the Woodchuck would upchuck his chucked beer. I'm just not sure how much beer the Woodchuck could chuck before he upchucked. :p

  6. technically, the woodchuck could chuck beer...and probably upchuck his beer like any woodchuck that couldnt hold his Woodchuck well..the upchucker woodchucker that he'll be deemed for the rest of his Woodchuck drinking days!!!

    but could wood?
  7. Wood could...I think! Couldn't wood??? Surely, wood could since you say that "technically" he could! I just hope Wood isn't getting busy when he upchucks his Woodchucked beer.

  8. techincally wood, unless in the dirty sexual minded reference sense :D couldnt get busy, but since my lesbian set mind was thinking wood as in a hard surface that you literally like to bang steel nails into, or beaver build a dam out of lol...
    I cant hold it back any more baby...
    lol :)

  9. said "beaver".....

    I've been thinking Wood as in the Chuck, himself...not wood as in what the boy's have going on...or wood as in a hard surface. I was thinking of the furry Woodchuck....and were thinking of the furry beaver!!!! :p, I'm really thinking about groundhogs. Groundhog just doesn't fit into the whole chuck beer thing though.

    Wood would...and doubt about it!
  10. ok how bout if I were to blow your mind... maybe...anyway...


    How much beer could wood chuck if wood could chuck Woodchuck?

    im drinking Woodchuck :D cider :)

    last I know can your wood drink beers>?? lol invate me to that party!!! :D

  11. TEASE!!!!!

    So, did you answer your question about Wood and his chucking and upchucking of beer? OR am I just lost?
  12. unless youre having a party, *IM* confused lmao..

    woodchuck, is getting me drunk tonight...

    I think you are confused about something....

    since I dont give that much props to wood in itself, its gotta be accompanies by something...its called chuck :D
  13. All I have to say is wow thats soem crazy shit
  14. hahaha.. that shit tripped me out. haha.

  15. you know... i was sitten here last night......1ish.... all ready with a really good response for this.... nice, long.... very strange.... sitten an starin an what not..... next thing i know i wake up face on key board....20 min later...... page x'ed out doh.....
    so in a slight way shorter attempt at redemption.....

    aint nothin wrong with wooood... you love it..... and next time...try the green apple... lil more dry and tart really nice..

    and.... have you ever put your hand in your mouth and said 'chuck'....:D

  16. aw, feeling you on loosing your first reply :/

    ...I actually had been eyeing the green apple up for a week or so, but last minute grab for amber ... and I heard the pear was a lil sharper, less sure ill get around to them all :D

    *shoves hand fist in mouth*


  17. you should try the triple xxx roootbeer... not made by them but omg soooooooooooooooo yummmmy...... or framboise yumm too.....

    and wait... can you fit your WHOLE fist in your mouth? :p
  18. mmmmm cider. How I love the crisp goodness of a lovely amber cider. try ace cider. its from california and very tasty. my favorite cider is strongbow from the UK very crisp very nice very drunk
  19. well Im all about trying new brews. one of if not my favorite pasttime! :D

    Ill have to check to see if we carry any of those..I doubt it though, none sound familiar..though I could probably special order it easily..though I doubt from the UK...CHS, when/where did you try that? assuming you are from the us..
  20. i dont know what to say.

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