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  1. If weed becomes more power ful over a 40 year basis (1970) thc content percentage was aprox 3.5% thc back then,
    Now its around average 15 % thc for decent weed if my hypothesis is correct
    , we will have 99.007% thc content in weed by 2046 if they continue inbreeding certain high thc content autoflower buds it can be as early as 2032

  2. Dont think thats how it works haha

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  4. 3.5 - 15/ 0-44 = .2613636364 per year percentage change. But that insignificant and irrelevant due to changing procedures to increase quality and yield.
  5. my weed is 30%+ so.... I must be from the future!
  6. â–ª

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  7. i said on average,

    no, it probably dosnt,

    yeah im pretty retarded so spot on
  8. LMAO the mexi-brick was around 15% THC. 3.5% would not get a maggot buzzed.
  9. By 2060 well have 200% THC!

    Holy shit brah!
  10. the percentage is purity by weight...
    It's based on content.
  11. exacly!
  12. Nah man that's literally physically impossible. 
  13. have to disagree, from my research mexi brick usually is around 7% thc or less and not more then 10%. 15% thc is some decent mids and most likely wouldnt have seeds. This is all just from what Ive read, have conducted no actual tests myself.

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  14. just lemme know when it's over 100% 
  15. Pretty sure average is 5% thc now, as it was 3.5% in the 70's
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  17. jew.
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  19. when ever I want cheap weed it's levels of the is 50% lol...and I don't even like cheap weed normally I get dank with way higher levels

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