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  1. I am planning to go to amsterdam for a couple of months-is it easy to find fulltime 'accomadation'?, and what kind of deposit is usually required?
    Any replies would be deeply appreciated.

  2. welcome brian. your luck to be goin to amsterdam. i wish i could go. i dont know about the full accomadation but someone else might.
  3. depends on how much you want to pay !!
    you can get a hostel very basis for about 15 pounds per night or a hotel for 30
    ...long term accomodation is an absolute nightmare ie rent ing a flat or housemy friend had to wait 4 months till he got somewhere reasonable
  4. Welcome!

    Go to the main home page and there is a link to room for room and you might be able to hook up there. Just check it out. ;)

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