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Accidents happen in gardening.

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by thereeferist, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. I am smoking an accidental plant that grew out in my greenhouse in with my tomatoes. I accidentally planted an autoflower cannabis seed in a pot in the tomato section of the greenhouse, and treated exactly as I treat my tomatoes, meaning thus far I was giving my tomatoes vegetative growth fertilizer so that is all the autoflowering candy cane plant received, and while it had significantly less bud than the candy cane plants I generally grow, it tastes and seems to be as good as the plants when I switch to flowering nutes on the 5th or 6th week. The buds are dense and the vaping is pleasant. I don't think I really have any point to make here, I'm just telling you what happened. Probably because I'm super high. Super duper high.
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  2. My GF and I agreed to share a greenhouse when we move to NorCal. She grows her veggies and flowers, and I grow mine :love-mj2:. Can't wait.
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  3. That's awesome, I like when accidental plants grow fireball nugs.
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  4. I am in San Francisco and having a greenhouse grow is an excellent idea! You can grow autoflowers all year round here. I normally only grow autoflowers in the winter because they do just fine with the short winter days, they just produce less bud during winter, but it is warm enough for cannabis and the only month where the temps drop and you have to worry about that here is November. My greenhouse is attached to my house though so that isn't really a concern for me.
    I bought some grow lights to supplement the sun in the short winter days, but I am too cheap to use them and waste the electricity.

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