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Accidently bought from a watched area

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LovingTree, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Hey guys. People are claiming that my old neighborhood is being watched by the cops. I was informed about this after I just bought a quarter. :/

    They say they are 100% being watched. Would this at all go back to me? I don't want to be involved. I made a purchase at a suspected watched area.
  2. They're watching you right now.
  3. Uh.. don't go back there.
  4. Dead man walking.
  5. Lol You're just high, man. Chill :smoke: .
  6. lol^

    Even if your neighborhood is being watched you should be fine if you're only buying quarters.

    Unless you're buying weight they are more concerned with the sellers than the buyers
  7. What are they going to do, come ring on your doorbell while you're in your living room on the couch, getting blasted off your awesome new pick up?

    All that could have happened is if the neighborhood was being "watched" by the police, and they suspected you of buying drugs, you could have gotten stopped on your way back... but now that you already have it, enjoy :hello:
  8. the guy you bought from is the one who needs to worry
  9. You bought a quarter... that's a fine at best. The dealer will be charged with intent to sell and selling illegal narcotics (should he get caught).

    You're fine. Cops are after the dealers, not the typical buyers like yourself.
  10. yous trippin hahahaha think about it, if they were gonna get you, why wouldnt they just get you right then and there? just dont go back to often to buy drugs thats all

  11. They wont come to his house. but If his area is being watched.... then what they can do, and will probably try to do, is bust some one leaving the sellers house after they've picked up. Not for the goal of arresting the buyer, but just so they can try to get them flip on the seller. Or so they have more evidence for their warrant and initial bust.
  12. Yeah, but right now he's fine since he is already home.

  13. notice I said "someone" and not him, the OP

  14. I would say if they didn't stop you right after the purchase you are good but I would avoid that area even if your not planning to pickup cause sometimes the cops will just randomly stop people.
  15. You're fucked mate.
  16. Goodd thing I live in Cali cause if they they try to make me rat out my dealer and I refuse all they can do is charge me with weed possesion which is like a 100 dollar ticket.

  17. dude... their not gonna make a guy purchasing a quarter "flip on the seller" after he walks out of the sellers house lol. They already know who the seller is! They will however likely raid the sellers house and try to make HIM flip on his supplier.
  18. just chill dude your fine just don't buy from your connect in that neighborhood or if your really sketching just don't buy from that dealer for a while.
  19. Lol dude if a cop saw you buying weed, you'd never have made it home. Relax.
  20. Your done, son, your DONE!

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