Accidentaly getting busted.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by BudKing8, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. Hi there. I havent posted in a long time but i really need some help.

    2 nights ago i came to this kids party. It was a total sausage fest so me and my friends leave. Later he got my friends cell # and called it accusing us of stealing his vodka(which we didnt).

    Then yesterday he comes to my house and rings the bell. He tells my sister he is a friend of mine and she lets him in. He comes up to me and is yelling and shit. I didnt feel like fighting him so i offered him some of my liquoer so he would leave.

    We go upstairs to my room and i give him some. I then turn around and he hits me in the head with a footlong maglight. I came to and grabbed this katana in my room(not sharpened) and i hit him in the face with it. He leaves and i call the police.

    They catch him and now hes doing some serious time but while the police where taking pictures of the crime scene they saw a roach in my ashtray. They then threaten my 15 year old sister to sign a consent form to search my room. She singed cause she was scared.

    The police searched my entire room and found my spoon and some baggies. I may be getting a paraphenaliea charge and it will go on my record which is not good.

    So if anyone has any ideas on what i could do the advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank You
  2. i'm not sure, but I thought a 15 year old couldn't give consent legally for anything...

    look into that, if thats correct you should have no problem getting anything they charge you with thrown out.
  3. uhhh.....did it now cut up his face when u hit him with the katana?
  4. Wouldn't a katana have cut his face open???
  5. Well the reason i cant get off on the account my sister is 15 and signed the paper is because my room was a crime scene so they where allowed to search.

    And the katana didnt cut him because it was a dull blade. it isnt even ment for sharpening its only decoration. And today i found out i might get a weapons charge for it since they are illegal in New Jersey.

    But i told the police thats complete bullshit because i bought the thing in NJ and i only used it for self defence. But thank you all for the help. Tomorrow i have to get a cat scan and a MRI to make sure im not internally bleeding.
  6. awesome, now why did you pres charges on that psycho?

    if it wasa me i wouldnt called toe cops, id handle it myeslf, but hey, too late for that now, good luck with the police, im glad im not you.

  7. i would have too. last time the cops came to our house for a domestic disturbince call(we werent the one that got in trouble, they just had to ask us some questions) one of the cops told my dad to handle the situation and then to call them. that cop was so cool. if i ever get busted i hope it is him that does it.
  8. Yo i am fucking sorry to hear that. And god damn newjersy cops are fucked up god dam those mothrefuckers are strick dam. FUCK COPS
  9. Well its been a week and he cops haven't called with charges so i might get off with nothing. I guess i still have to wait.

  10. Yeah, for real. Don't call the police.

    If you call the police, and they know he assaulted you, and he winds up dead in a week, you'll be the prime suspect.

    But if no one knows about the little incident, and he winds up dead in a week, you'd have no reason to be a suspect.

    Be smart, haha. :D

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