Accidentally Topped My Plant: Look at It Now

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  1. Well a few days ago I over-pulled the main stem/cola of the plant during LST. As a result it snapped in half (and I have been in flowering for four days, this is my fourth). I tried to apply a stint, and did, but decided to just tear it off today.

    Since that hjas happened, all of the branches BELOW the break are flourishign and thriving.

    The break was now where people normally top their plants, because it was an accident.

    It was below to nodes of growth/branches.

    Pictures in a second.

    Please give advice!
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    I need advice or help on this, please!

    Please give advice!



  3. Whats going on with it? All these main colas coming out!
  4. Topping is good. Your plant seems very healthy and has an even foliage level. I think you might have accidentally helped your plant out, lol.:hello:
  5. i look forward to seeing that at full bloom thats gonna be a monster lol
  6. Dude thats lookin nice, cant wait to see that girl full of buds!
  7. Thanks man!

    When it broke I was tripping out. I thought everything was going to die. I let a little bit of it that wasn't torn stay as it hung on by like a string of plant material. Then I noticed all the growth ABOVE the broke was wilting and dieing, AND ALL the things BELOW the break were getting bigger and dominant.
  8. If you want to, you could probably even top those 4 tops and make 8! It seems to be healthy enough.
  9. Yeah nothing wrong with this man. It might add another week or so to your grow, but no
    big deal :)

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  10. Thanks for the comments. It is getting so wide now and bushy. The thing is, this plant is really beautiful.
  11. Agreed!
  12. Well, I just fimmed two of my sativa plants. I did this about three days ago, and there was no shock or growth stunt, it grew out two new shoots immediately. Pictures soon.

    Do you think my plant that I accidentally topped, which now has 8 main colas will look like some of these pictures?

    Here are the main colas pointed out to you guys:


    Could my plant look like these?:




  13. Does any one know what they may turn out?
  14. Too hard to tell man, they could turn out a lot of different ways depending on temperature,
    humidity, amount of light, etc. Grow it out and you'll see :) high amounts of light with
    a lower temperature gives nice dense buds, but lower lights and/or high temps will make
    your bud fluffier, generally speaking of course.

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist

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