Accidentally stealing lighters

Discussion in 'General' started by thccrystals, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. Post here if you have accidentally stolen a lighter. I think it's some sort of stoner phenomenon or something. I'm about to go use an accidentally stolen lighter to light this here bowl...
  2. I agree with him ^^^^
  3. I got friends who ALWAYS steal lighters. It's so damn annoying, even though they don't try to. Especially when my friend stole my camo D'Jeep and used it until it was completely out of fluid. :(
  4. They just show up in your pocket, and it's like "woah, I seriously don't remember pocketing that." and then you're like "well fuck yea, new lighter by acciddent!"
  5. A few of my friends and I decided that stealing lighters isn't that big a deal simply because it happens so often. If you have one taken from you, chances are that you'll find one in your pocket that isn't yours within the next few weeks.

    Bam! Old lighter is replaced.
  6. heh i did that just yesterday but people gank my lighters all the time, its rather irritating.
  7. nobody I smoke with really cares about lighter stealing, we all do. Its just nature, when your done smoking, you put the lighter in your pocket, whoever has the lighter on the last hit, most likely ends up pocketing the lighter :D

    right now though, I am using the only lighter that i have ever stolen on purpose
  8. lol. I can relate. My friends and I always seem to be jacking eachother's lighters.
  9. my buddies and me never really care, it happens right?

    although my one friend dave, i SWEAR he does it on purpose. he must. thats annoying, otherwise its not a big deal though.

    i mean, they are what, 1.50$? not a big deal.
  10. man, I'd be the one who always had other people's lighters after a session. It got so bad that I bought a 50 pack of lighters off of ebay just so I could give them out to people. :)
  11. i always figured little elves put all those lihters in my pockets. snaggin a lighter is sooo unconscious that its scary...boom 4 lighters and not any recolection of picking up one.....kinda like a weird form of kleptomania
  12. Well IMO this thread is worded wrong..

    To steel, you must know that you are taking it.

    This is more like the STML posession..LOL

    I've done it.. I have had it done too!
  13. I've wound up with lighters by accident. It's one reason I don't care to check my pockets when someone can't find their lighter and my friends don't mind doing that same for me. It's funny sometimes.
    "Hey does anyone know where my lighter is?"
    "Naw, but I'll check my pockets to make sure...HOLY SHIT! I don't pocketing that. Damn drugs mess with your brain."
  14. hahaha budhead... i LOVE IT!!

    Stml Possession :p hahaha, fantastic!!
  15. Thats what i belive it to be!

    STML takes on all kinds of things!
  16. can you imagine in any other circumstance where a friend of ours might just accidently snag a cd or somthing and say "i swear to you i have no recollection even touching that, let alone cramming into my pocket". and we'd believe them?
    how come we get an lose lighters but NEVER get our stashes mixed up,hmmmm
  17. it's probably because it's common to pass lighters with the bowl, but the not the bag. The bag stays in front of the owner or in their pocket.
  18. another way of saying that ^^^^were just much more carefull with our smoke.
    or else our friends know we would be chasing them all the way home for it :D
    in our circle 5 people 5 lighters no bowl just joints,so its extra odd that lighters are forward a few hours, an higha somehow has one old lighter and 4 "new" ones. an occasionally an extra pack of cigaretts if i happen to be drinking.

  19. Oh god, so much shit comes and goes when I drink. On New years eve I thought I lost my bookbag(which had my $150 bubbler, my weed, and my bottle of Johnny Walker, and to keep this on topic, my lighter). I cursed off so many people, and fucked up a lot of stuff, then I saw it laying on the floor. What a dumbass I was... a drunk dumbass... I'm about to turn into one of those again a lil later. This time I will keep in mind where all my shit is, and I won't need a bookbag atleast.
  20. I found this thread off a link from another thread but here are my lighting stealing habits:

    I smoke a lot more than my friends so I often steal their lighters. They always realize it because I will whip it out when we are about to smoke and I will just tell them its mine now :p. They don't care cause I hook them up a lot

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