accidentally sexed plants, is this a problem?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by yinyang, May 7, 2006.

  1. this might sound stupid but i started growing early on my balcony. (Mid April)
    So my main light source is the sun but im guessing the light cycle was still too short.

    Anyways now my babies (4 weeks old) have a few white hairs on them, not that much but im wondering if this can create problems since im trying to veg them 16/12, making up for the last hours of light with a pair of fluos.
    Also should i get rid of the ones that dont have any white hairs? (males?)
  2. I dont think that means that they are males im not100% though. Look for the little "balls" that means they are males
  3. ok but isnt it risky waiting for male flowers, is there a chance of pollination by then?
    I cant afford that. ill be damned if i end up with 40 males because of pollination.
    i just read a thread about someone who had a problem like this, now im woried.
  4. After you sex them if you see the balls they are males and get rid of them if not they are female. They cant polinate unless you see the balls.,so just wait till you see them before you get worried lol
  5. you should be fine, it would be no different then pre-sexing the plant. You need to observe for pollen sacs before chopping. Are you sure your seeing true white pistals coming out of the junctions? or are they new leaves forming (common mistakes of new growers)... the new leaves usually lack pigment right away and look like small protusions out of the junctions.

    Post some pictures and i will be able to tell you right away. You cant harm the plans by pre-sexing...may stress em a little but get them back under a 18/6 light cycle and they will be fine.

    Pictures Pictures Pictures! (lol!)


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