Accidentally Mixed Calmag Before Mixing Nutes. Precipitation?

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    I mixed 5ml/gal cal mag to a fresh batch of reverse osmosis nute solution for my plant BEFORE I mixed the base nutes (in my case, FloraMicro/FloraBloom Lucas Formula.).
    Apparently your supposed to mix the CalMag last in order to prevent precipitation of some elements in the solution (precipitation being turning a liquid into a solid).
    To summarize, my research suggest you mix the lucas formula nutrient solutions in this order:
    reverse osmosis Water -----------> FloraMicro ------------ > FloraBloom -----------> CalMag
    By adding the calmag before the other nutrients, how badly did I fuck up this 5 gallon batch of nute solution? Is it still usable?

  2. Never heard about that, add silica last always tho. What kinda research did you do to find this thing out? What Cal mag brand do you use that suggest that? Sorry for the questions but I'm really interested in the topic.

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