accidentally left my lights on in flower

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    early in the flower stage but i think my plants were trying to "sleep and i fucked up using my timer stayed on 24 hours over night

    plant looks dry and burnt edges

    how bad is this

    what do i do about it
  2. plants are pretty young too

    2nd day of flower only 2 of them
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    i hate when that happens:(
  4. i think the answer is obvious. lets get this girl back on 12/12!
  5. I think you'll be fine since its only your 2nd day of flower.. Are they showing signs of sex yet? What kind of schedule did you have them on before you switched to flower.. 24/0 18/6 ??
  6. your plant looking dry and having burnt edges has nothing to do with the light cycle... did you overfeed it? Have you checked the PH?

    If it is only the second day they will be fine
  7. were on 24/0 no signs of sex

    im just wondering how bad it is for my plants

  8. did not feed anything im growing in organic soil its def not nute burn

    soil is perfectly watered and have been maintaining good ph

    idk what else it could be
  9. man you'll be fine at the worst you added some extended time to the grow that's all. chill keep em a timer and you'll be happy. Don't feed them heavy till they flower heavy.
  10. Do you have a temp/hydrometer that records daily high and low temps and humidity levels? Sounds like it may have gotten really hot in that 24 hours. One of those meters will run you about 10$ tops and save you some heartache when simple things go wrong. Gl!

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