accidentally left lights on!!!!!

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  1. I was tring a new set up and fucked up and put the lamp in the wrong plugg in, 2 hours over laps they where dropp ing I turned the lights off as soon as I saw post pic 2morrow
  2. I have no idea what you are trying to say, can you clarify? Preferably with some punctuation and proper grammar. I know we're all stoners here, but c'mon bro.
  3. I was tring to add more light to my grow but decided not to and while changing the plug ins I forgot to plug my lights back into the timer and the cycle went from 20/4 to 19/5 ,
  4. If it only changed by decreasing the light for an hour, then you are fine. Just switch it back and keep on goin.
    I would be worried if you were in flower and left the light on all night or something, but losing an hour of light in veg, no biggie.
  5. I mean 24/3
  6. ? Only 24 hours in a day. If you mean 24/0, you are still fine. Nothing at all to worry about.
  7. I agree this is too confusing to respond to. OP, start over and state the issue clearly, once, from the beginning...
  8. awesome thread, OP please don't start over....finish whatever you're smoking.

  9. While you are in the veg. cycle the plants are very forgiving. However, if you drop below 14hrs of light for any length of time you could trigger the plant to start budding. Even then, if you correct the problem,they will revert back to veg. cycle albeit it would slow growth the growth rate until they recover. In a analogous sense there's really no such thing as too much light while vegetating.

  10. That's what I was trying to say lol. Switching from day shift to night shift has left my mind a little slow :smoke:
  11. if you still vegging more light is perfectly ok! you could of gone 30 hours of light and be ok..get that fixed before flower. too much light during flower could fuck it up
  12. Here they are

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  13. talk about ghetto set up ha i love it.
  14. Hahaha op... share the joint bro!

    Loving that set up btw.

  15. Haha thanks, just add 110 watts to the setup

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