Accidentally laundered my stash...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Shanx420, May 28, 2009.

  1. ...Ugh.. I'm still in disbelief... So, I get home from work about an hour ago and once I'm all settled, I decide It's time to smoke a bowl. I open up the coconut head thing on my desk that I keep my pipe and weed in and grab my bowl. Then I reach back in for my weed... No weed... No bag... Nothing!

    Then I realize that I must have never took the weed out of my other pants from the night before. I run to the laundry basket hoping that my pants hadn't already gone through the wash. I empty out the entire hamper. No pants...

    I look in the kitchen to see if any clothes are on the table and sure enough, there are my pants from last night, all clean. I search the pockets... Nothing! Not even an empty bag or any evidence that weed was even in there. This meant two possible things. The bag was found either before or after the washing, or I left the bag in my car all along.

    Well the car was my last hope... I run out and check the pockets attached to the back of the front seats... No weed... :(

    So now, I'm sitting here sad, angry, weedless, and anticipating a talk from my mom about the weed she most likely found in my other pants while doing the laundry... Oh well, there was only about a gram left, and I'd been meaning to find a way to let my parents know I smoke lol.
  2. If the talk never comes it means your mom smokes too.
  3. Haha, wouldn't surprise me. When I was like 14 I got the drug talk, and I just remember how me and my mom talked for like a half hour about how marijuana should be legal and how it's not bad for you at all lol. Plus my brothers smoke and I'm pretty sure my Dad smokes occasionally.

    Basically I don't really expect to get flamed too bad for my smoking, because that would be just way too hypocritical lol. Hopefully me getting found out just means I won't have to be so secretive about it anymore.
  4. She definitely pinched it :laughing:

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