Accidental reveg help.

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  1. So basically I left my plants for 6 days without knowing that I had my hps on a 24 hour light cycle. They have been in flowering for 2 weeks before I did this. I also came back and their soil was really dry. Can anyone help me and give me advice on what to do, or what I should look for to see if they are ok.


    After Fuck up:
  2. I'm willing to bet that's enough time to put them back into veg mode. They look otherwise healthy, and not too far along in flowering. I'd personally pop em right back into flowering before the buds start vegging. Do they look like the buds have grown in any peculiar way?
  3. just flip them back in 12/12 and you should be ok. i left my lights on for 24-48 hours like my 2nd week of flower (timer broke and wasnt home for 2 days so idk how long they were on) and my plants are doing just fine.
  4. just look for the next couple days to see if they hermie. if they hermie then yes you fucked up. if not allllright keep on trucking. only thing you can do at this point
  5. I hope they are not hermie, how would I know. Would the buds turn into pistols or something? Im hoping since they didnt have water that they had slow reactions anyways or something idk. And the buds dont look to weird, its my first grow so I wouldnt really know.
  6. Also would it help to do like 10 on and 14 off too compensate?
  7. No, no need for that. 12/12 is fine. I wouldn't make the schedule any weirder than it already is.
  8. mine went into accidental reveg too -- we're thinking probably because of a light leak -- at about 5 weeks of flower. we're now at the end of week 6 and most of the top bud has turned back into leaves... but most of the other ones have not. we just moved the revegging plant to the other side of the yard to keep it away in case of herming, but i have a few questions.
    i'm growing outdoors, light cycles are based on the sun. whats the fastest (and safest) way to go back to flower? i heard 24 hours of darkness? i'm scared moving it from outdoors to the garage for 24 hours will shock it.... ideas?
    as far as yummy plant food, should i go back to grow nutes or stick to bloom nutes?
    thanks in advance

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