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accidental polenisation

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by SolShiva, Mar 14, 2004.

  1. last year I had some plants outdoor, only females, no males.
    after a while they started to develop seeds although there was no male around..
    in my area, a wild strain of weed grows... it`s not good for smoking though, it has a low content of THC... My plants were at minimum 300 meters away from these kind of weed.
    My question is: who bringed the polen to my plants? the wind or some insects... Is that a way to prevent such incidents in outdoor growing?
    is it possible for the polen of another plant(not cannabis) to be compatible with marijuana?
  2. winds...

    i say u go for MJ male hunt.... around Aug...
  3. Wind can carry pollin for miles and miles man.
  4. Is there smth I can do about it?... hmm guess not...
    do u know any method to prevent this? I just can`t get indoor...and there are way too much wild males to hunt them down. I`m thinking maybe there`s some substance to stop the polenisation...kind of a gunja condom:)... stupid me...

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