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  1. So I did what I've done before, whenever I get bad cannabis, which is take the seeds I find in it, and toss them in a flower pot. Nothing ever came of it in the past and I've never taken it seriously, but this time, something happened. I didn't do anything special to them, but it looks like two of them sprouted. One several weeks ago and the other about 3-4 days ago.

    The plant that sprouted several weeks ago is now about 2 feet tall, and as far as I can tell, it's female (yay!). Keep in mind, these plants are growing outside on my deck. I don't own grow lights and if at all possible, I'd like to avoid buying grow lights. I do want to continue growing the plants naturally, in sunlight, with organic soil/fertilizer.

    Given that the female plant is two feet tall now, I figure it's time to solicit some advice. If I had to guess I'd say it's been nearly 2 months since I originally planted the seeds. I've attached the picture of the two ft tall plant, as well as the sprout. I've read a couple of blurbs about how at some point you need to cycle 12 hours light/12 hours dark to force the plant to flower and produce that THC goodness we all know and love. When do I do that? Would it be possible to do that using an outside storage facility attached to my house (for the dark cycle)? Is there anything else I have to do to get this female to flower?

    Any tips from veteran growers about outdoor growing is very much appreciated. Please feel free to check the pics. Bonus points if you can possibly tell if that sprout is male or female.

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  2. well u can get everything light wise staight from the sun it will get her dark cycle at nite umm were u located at u might want to give her a lil bit of nutrients she looks healthy can u see the pre flowers starting on ur 2fter

  3. I'm in the southeast US so it stays fairly hot through September.
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    Ok so you need to get some ferts for that new sprout in about a week and a half (miracle grow organic plant food is cheap and available at your local lowes) keep that guy on a feeding schedule (google for the schedule) and transplant it to another pot (smaller), also mix in 30% pelite into the miracle grow, this allows airy soil which MJ loves . As for the 2 footer, she will flower when shes ready man just give it time and maybe some "big grow" organic products but mainly let mother nature do her work. also Id recommend you use some composted cow manure (black kow at lowes is great) as top soil. As for telling if the sprout is male or female is impossible to tell now, let it grow for probably another month and a half and youll see if it pre-flowers or is male and just produces pollen in 2 months lol.

    EDIT: Don't wait a week to transplant, do it ASAP, I thought you had the sprout in a different pot than the 2ft plant.
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    Avoid Miracle Grow.

    Remove the sprout and put it in it's own pot.

    Whatever ferts you get. Feed half dose.

    Go to a hydro shop or nursary and find a nice bottle of ferts. Fox Farm is good. But you can find cheaper stuff that is good as well. IMO stay away from the chemical ferts like Miracle Grow.
  6. Avoid Miracle Grow.
  7. the plant will begin to flower when the light cycle is under 12/12 or near that. here in va it will go under 12 hours on september 26

  8. Not for outdoors. It is not the same 12/12 for us outdoors. Your plant will have plenty of buds by then.
  9. My bad on the miracle grow soil, I just used it as a example of an easy ready to use "Organic" (not really tho) mix, if your going to take time on your next grow and not just throw some seeds in a pot then use your own soil mix you make and definitely not miracle grow lol.
  10. Home Depot sells an organic Fish Fertilizer made by Alaska. The nitrogen/potassium/phosphorous (N/P/K) is 5-1-1, very mild, you can't screw up by over feeding. Use that (or something similar) until you see pre-flowers on the big one. Then move to a bloom fert. (Higher in potassium and phosphorous, lower in nitrogen). Flush with distilled water for 7-10 days before harvest. You will know when to harvest by looking at the hairs and when they are 50% darkened, you will know that harvest is in the next few days to a week. Just follow the directions on the bottle and look for signs of anything bad or good happening. The best book on the subject of keeping plants healthy/fixing problems is "Marijuana Garden Saver, handbook for healthy plants" by J.C. Stitch edited by Ed Rosenthal. Get it, learn it, live it.
  11. Also, if you have a potted plant, you can absolutely bring it indoors at night to alter its light schedule. Just make sure that the area you put it in indoors is completely dark if you want dark or has adequate light if you're trying to lengthen days.

  12. Sweet. Now you can find out how good that bud might really be. It'll start flowering naturally very soon-no need to drag her in and out.
  13. Listen bro...don't be intimidated by all the MG haters. There is nothing wrong with using it. If your girls are properly flushed then you should have nothing worry about. Im talking about nutes ... not soil. For soil I would for sure stay away from MG. Promix all the way.
  14. i was going to say the last two feedings i gave my girls MG And they look beautifull i got a frist grow thredd going title "First Outdoor Grow Check it out PLZ" and i started wit botanicare's Pro Grow and Liquid Karma And a Few Other Micro nutes but the last few weeks them girls have been getting straight MG All Purpose Trying to Save my Cash For my Blooms and Flushes lol so I wouldnt Recomend MG All the way But it Dose do an alright job
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    Avoid Miracle Grow. All seasoned growers will till you this. Well most anyway. Why?

    Have you ever wondered why 75% of the people posting on furums that have plant problems are using MG or chemical ferts.
  16. rit on ya i try to as much as possible but i dnt want them not getting anyfood i mean what i was useing was pretty pricy any suggestions on a less expancive product besides the MG cuz the cash gets a lil low at times and like i said i dnt want to give them nothing
  17. Well you got to do what you got to do. If using MG I woud feed half dose and feed every 3 watering. During your two normal watering I wood water extra heavy so lots of water runs out of the pot.
  18. I use with superthrive... never had any issues. Just big fat ladies. I have to travel more than an hour to get anything good. I don't have a credit card, so ordering off net isn't an option. So I use what the walmat carries so far so good so I never thought it to be bad the MG that is.
  19. well all my babies r in the ground and i dilloute the shit out of the MG i mix 600gl worth in to about a 1000g of water and ya i also use super thrive great stuff but allaround i havent seen anything bad happen but come the next few weeks there getting Botanicare Pro Bloom and sum other goodies that there going to love lol

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