Accidental Monster cropping?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Pipe Carver, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. Hi, So I learned somewhere (stashed in my grey matter) that to sex pot plants I could just put them on 12/12 for a few days and they'd show their sex, then I could simply turn the timer back to 24 hrs on and they'd return to vegging. That worked after 4 days I tossed the male's and put the fems back on 24hrs of light. The problem / benefit is they didn't turn back and just kept growing buds and some odd leaves. After 2 weeks of them back on 24 hrs I put them back into flower @ 12/12. Wholly S--t, they have now been in flower for 3 weeks now and the buds are monsters, all stacked up and 10 times the size of others I turned at the same day ( 3 weeks ago). They went through quite a stretch in the initial 4 days when I sexed them but are now stunted compared to others I didn't have to sex ( feminized seeds).

    Has anyone else ever done this? accidentally or on purpose? Did I stumble on to something here? Or is this old news and I just missed the news flash?

    Feminized seeds or not I might just do this the next time accidentally on purpose.


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