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  1. About 2 weeks ago i stubbled upon this plant in my backyard near my pool's pump system. Im thinking that it started to grow from stems and seeds being thrown out the window. Now it is about 2 feet tall and looking strong, all with absolutely no tending to it. I figured it would fit in as an "organic grow". I included as many pictures as i could. Im 90% sure its a female due to the pistils coming of the stems (noob).
    Anywho recently some of the lower leaves have gotten brownish at the tips and some small spots on some of the middle leaves but they're not very noticeable. The flowering sites apear to be very light green. So what im asking is do i have some sort of magnesium or calcium deficiency or is it natural for lower leaves to do this and flower sites be light green? or am i just jumping the gun. she smells dank already. sry im haf. but thanks for any insight  :smoke:


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  2. It doesn't say where you are, but technically in most parts of the N-Hemesphere it is spring and your plant would be vegging. It won't show true signs of sex until flower, after the summer solstice, when the days start getting shorter instead of longer. Until then, you can only guess :)  
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    With all due respect summer solstice has nothing to do with a plant reaching sexual maturity. The age of the plant is what determines sexual maturity. In most cases if a plant is 4 - 6 weeks old it can be sexed. The OP is correct it is a female.

    To be perfectly honest w/o knowing what your soil make-up is I am a bit reluctant in recommending anything to add to your soil, but here you go. Pick up a bag of EWC,s kelp meal, alfalfa meal, fish bone meal, oyster shell powder, azomite, and some sulpomag. Rough the area up around the plant then scratch in the amendments. Then top dress with a 2" layer of EWC's. 
  4. Still learning every day, I've always waited til flower to even bother trying to sex, thought that was related. 
    Okay ill pick some those up tomorrow and see how it goes. Thank you!
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    My immediate thought when reading your thread title was "Lucky fuckers who live places where you can have an accidental grow." Around here its so hot and dry there is no way a plant could live without near daily watering. But then I read your post about it being by the pool pump. That's pretty cool IMO. I wouldn't really call it organic though, because it's probably getting a lot of chlorine from the pool. I'm a huge fan of organics, but in this case I say who cares! lol. It's just awesome that you have a self raised plant. I'd definitely get it some food before she starts yellowing. All the stuff listed above is great. My only concern is that those amendments need micro life to break them down, and the chlorine may be destroying the micro life. You may end up needing to water in nutrients. You can still go organic though. Fish emulsions are a good option in veg. And you can also soak the kelp and alfalfa in a bucket of water for a few days and then water with it. Soaking the amendments leaches out the nutrients and will hopefully deliver the organic goodies to your plants with or without the help of an active micro life. Growing on the edge of a pool is all new territory to most of us though I think.
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    FPE's would work fine as well, but they would take time to ferment though, and the OP stated they were new to growing. So scratching/top dressing them in would be easiest. I am absolutely 100% sure bio activity is not an issue or else that plant would have never gotten to the size it is nor would the node spacing be as good as it is. It would have slowly starved to death by now w/o feeding chelated nutrients.
    Alfalfa next to blood meal is the fastest acting nitrogen source we organic gardeners have at our disposal. Whether he takes the time to learn about FPE's, and takes the time to ferment FPE's, or just scratches it he will be fine. The 2" of EWC top dressing will also provide microbial life. Judging from the pictures the plant is nowhere near the pool itself. It is tucked in next to the pump. Provided the pump does not have a leak then I would say his plant area is free from chlorine.
    To the OP:
    If you do choose to go the route of FPE's here is a link that can get you pointed in the right direction.

  8. prety damn nice for an accidental plant lol you could accedentally grow some of them in my backyard XD

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