Accidental contamination

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Akcannasumer, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. So I have an odd question. Was harvesting and someone wasn't paying attention and accidently dumped a portion of the finished product into a container of potting soil. I was hoping to salvage it if at all possible. It seems to have gotten mixed together and idk how to go about separating the flower from the soil without extracting pollutants from the soil. Any suggestions? I'd like to eventually infuse it with butter if I can remove the soil contamination. There's a good amount that was mixed in and don't want my bounty going to the trash. Last ditch effort. Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. The one and only time I'd recommend a bud wash. Get some clean water and swish the buds through it.

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