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Accidental CFL grow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by captnhappy, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. So I stumbled across a $5 cabinet at a yard sale and just happened to have a friend who had too many girls in his room and decided to grab one. It was a Blueberry clone, in a 1g pot vegged for a couple weeks in Canna Bio Terra Plus with their Bio nutes line. I purchased 4 $2 light fixtures and 4 2' T5 assemblies for $25 each. I had a 4" blower type fan already so I cut a hole in the top of the cabinet and with some brackets and reducers attached it to the top of my cabinet.

    The clone was vegged for me, or I would have employed some LFT or SOG and think I could have goten even better production than I did. 8 weeks later Here are the results, though the pics are poor I think you can understand my surprise when I got 48g of TOP NOTCH thick, dense, blow my doors off bud. It was PERFECT in every way. Smoke was fruity and flavorful, burnt evenly and left a totally white ash.

    My point here is that this was done with 100% florescent lights and I didnt even have "red" bulbs in the T5's! This brought me to my investigation of LEDs and Ive decided to throw my hat in the ring of LED trials. I will post the link to that journal here as soon as we are set up. I will be using LED Grow Lights - Best New LED Grow Light a 360w USA built 11 wavelength light and 4 4' T5 tubes around the perimeter of the tent. Cant Wait!:hello:

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  2. nice looking shit! buds could use a bit better triming though, but everything looks sweet
  3. Thanks man, I intentionally left those buds a little leaf to dry with, they were so covered in crystals. I finish them off once i put them into jars, but these were the only pics I took ;)

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