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  1. hello guys

    I'm new to this forum and forums in general, this is my first post anywhere so please be nice.

    Anyway, I'm a total newbie to bongs and dabbing in general, have always rolled and enjoyed it.

    But recently I purchased a 'black leaf dragon gold' bong, it's 17" long and it came with a couple accessories like the ash catcher thingy, the long insert tube (down stem?) a long ended bowl and a shorter bowl without the long tail part.

    Now my real question is, what else do I need to turn this into a dabbing bong?

    I'm not so good with modding things and dont really want to heavily modify the bong, but want to know if there are attachments I can just add and make it into a dab rig.

    Any kind of help will be appreciated. Please be patient and excuse my inexperience 😂
  2. Post up some pics man it'll be easier to help
  3. You said bong. The simplest no bullshit thing to tell you to buy is to buy a DabVac. A 17 inch tube whether created as a rig or flower piece isn't going to be ideal for dabs to to size and airflow. But buy a dabvac, and you won't have to buy a nail or dabber or any accessories. Just a torch and dabvac, simple as that. Otherwise buy a dab rig.

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  4. I'd say invest in a ceramic enail, carb cab, and ceramic dab tool. If you like it with your bong, then you're good to go. Now if you don't like the feel with your bong, then you can shop around for a rig that you like later on. I personally like a small dab rig for oil only. Easier to clean and for reclaiming unused product. Secondly a smaller rig is typically smoother and gentler on the lungs, if that matters to you. Good luck
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    Typically you either have a bong for flower or a bong for dabs. As stated the airflow for both is very different, and it would be more efficient to decide which you want the piece for the most, dabs or flower. Then later buy the other type of rig. I know it isn't cost effective, but I have not, nor will I use my big 2 foot dab rig for anything but dabs, and use my flower bongs for flower :). Cheers.
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