accept jesus and get a ps3

Discussion in 'General' started by akbluntz, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. lol- seriously?
  2. that was awesome!!!!!
  3. i started typing a rant about fundamentalists. than i thought, before i posted, this can't be real, so I read some more... silly me.
  4. Haha even if this WAS real I still wouldn't accept Jesus for a free PS3. I'll just workup the 300 bucks
  5. Pictures made me laugh
  6. boobs really are great

  7. Dummy 0_o
  8. can't say that's too far from the truth
  9. I guess even Jesus is experiencing the recession
  10. forealz 0_o
  11. gave me a good laugh
  12. Not that funny when it ridicules a religion... Show some respect to other people beliefs.
  13. I didn't get that it was a joke to begin with. It is a joke, right? I'm actually not completely sure about that, but I hope not!
  14. Go ahead and pull this out of your ass. It'll help you survive the interwebz.

  15. It's real as The Onion.
  16. That is one hell of a site! :p
    I just hope the little kids don't actually believe this
  17. *waits for crucifier kid to come, to call people racists and get thread closed
  18. No, the site ridicules people that ridicule a religion which inherently ridicules people.


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