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  1. a unique accent, i moved from mexico to the us 4 years ago and i dont have the classic mexican accent, people have told me that i just use the same tone i would use when i speak in spanish but i also speak spanish weird cause i combined 2 different accents cause of my parents.
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    Yeah I had a girl from PA tell me she thought my Ohio accent was cute. :p
  3. i'm not gonna try to fix it lol fuck that

    it's like let's go runnin

    wanna go swimmin

    like that
  4. Australian accent, but not the Queensland one that you'd know from Crocodile Dundee.
  5. Lookey all the earl on mah skrimp!
  6. I'm from a little town in Mass way north of Boston and almost into New Hampshire. I never thought I had an accent but recently I was told the way I say "out" and "about" makes me sound like I'm Canadian.
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    apparently i have a chicago accent, or maybe more of a midwestern accent, i don't really know. i think its more of the midwestern thing though, whatever that sounds like.

    also, who here says pop? and stoop? lol
  8. force your tongue to the top of your mouth and say clooloo. thats my accent.
  9. From what I have been told I have a pretty bad southern accent. If I try and focus on my speech I can control it and it wont be so bad but when Im around my family the twang comes out. I say yall all the time and tend to shorten sentences. For example Instead of me saying "What are you all going to go do" I say "Whatch yall gonna go do" I do other things too but I will have to think about them
  10. People tell me I have somewhat of a southern draw to my voice. Born in PA, live in PA, just random.
  11. I have a distinct Southern Drawl. Not like backwoods, redneck like some people would think, but very Southern.

  12. Not this American. Im well cultured.

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