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"Acceleration" anyone ? ...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Gri77oN, Aug 31, 2003.


have ou ever had accelerations ? .. (pliz read definition)

  1. oohh yes alll the time...

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  2. once in a while

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  3. I see what you mean no never

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  4. man, what are U talking about.. hav U smoked?

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  1. (nothing to do with drivin' here..)

    first a definition:
    an acceleration is when your mind truly encompasses everything you need to know about the subject you are currently focused on.

    You may feel it as a thremendous raw power insinuated by the knowledge of omniscience
    You may feel it as thinking about a billion things at the time but still being able to cope with the flow of information that actualy makes sens.
    You may feel it as a "I'm laughing I can't stop I don't know why it doesn't matter I can't stop laughing"
    you may feel it as {fillin the blanks}

    the knowledge incriminated you cannot have obtain durring this lifetime be it because of its quantity, its nature, or because it encompass things that "have still have not yet come to pass"

    in our current state of developpment we cannot sustain the knowledge once the acceleration "slows down" but we can still remember the feeling.

    have you experienced an acceleration?
    how would you describe it ('acceleration' feesl good, but you may use another word)

    (I'm aware that this thread could be everywhere:
    the BoX
    I choose to put it here .

    because such state of mind does not come to young smokers {well .. so I've noticed, but then again, I can be wrong, it's part of my very nature}


  2. oh man, sounds like some good weed :D

    im totally lost... maybe one of us was too stoned... either way i dont think ive ever experienced such a feeling, sounds pretty cool though...
  3. no idea...

    * smokes a joint * I understand..

    You mean the rush you get whenever you truly understand a subject? yeh thats a good feeling..

    What your explaning sounds like what my friend said he felt on shrooms..that your mind just goes very fast and encompases so much information into one tiny thought .. anyway...your stoned ;)
  4. Yes!!! I know exactly what you're talking about, only it happen's to me whether or not I'm high. I had one of these manic brain storms just the other day. I put in order several theories I'd been thinking of for quite some time, some of them I hadn't even thought ot linking together before. It's really cool to know that I'm not the only person who'e had a whacked out mind surge like that.
  5. Yes, I understand what you mean, and I've felt it. Not for very long, but I've felt it. It's wonderful. The world, in all it's supposed chaos, actually makes sense, actually seems like it fits. It's as if for one brief moment you understand everything.

    From a Daoist standpoint (even though I'm not "technically" a Daoist), this could be called the perfect "wei wu wei" or "doing not-doing." You control the universe by letting go of your control. Everything becomes you and you become everything. Only then do you understand. Good, bad, positive, negative are no more, irrelevant. Simply labels that cloud our thoughts.

    Fully feeling that is amazing, but rare.
  6. totally.

    I've experienced it on Cannabis (Sativa usually for said effect), Mushrooms, xtc (only a couple times) and whilst not on anything at all.

    krazi, i love that linking thing. do that loads, when ya do it sometimes you can see so clearly and truely understand the balance, the push/pull, the order through chaos of the universe.

    Daoism seems most wise. i've come up with concepts similar to "wei wu wei" before.

    "Everything becomes you and you become everything. Only then do you understand. Good, bad, positive, negative are no more, irrelevant. Simply labels that cloud our thoughts.

    Fully feeling that is amazing, but rare."

    damn right.

    Q to everyone:
    have you ever been in this sate of higher brain function for such a time and in such a way as to actually physically feel the activity in your brain?
  7. yup exactly. Your ME fades into the Universe, and the Universe fades into your ME.

    It's a powerfull and insightfull experience. It is at everyone's reach.

    anyone else?
    pliz? at least then answer no on the poll...
  8. Insight was something I always wanted and strived for. I never realized that I had any until I stopped looking for it.
  9. hummmm yesssssss sooo true.

  10. woz that:
    you're stoned
    your's, stoned


  11. groovy I can feel energy, I dunno if it's the electrical activity that can be witness by an electro-encefalogram (or whatever) or if it's an other kind of energy.
    Usualy as soon as I feel it, I channel it. that's when ....
    {few minutes later}
    c what I mean.

  12. either or :p
  13. of course ;)
  14. I get that ALL the time, but I smoke to much.

    EDIT-Well after afew bonghits i've decided that smoking to much is not possible.
  15. djeee goody a new soul.

  16. thanks, Just happened upon this site looking for a new bong. Accidently clicked forums and here I am lol
  17. yeah nearly same here: I came for advice on a "closet"; didn't ask the question for nearly a week...

    ( I noticed you first post woz here ;) )
  18. that happened to me many times on weed, but each time it turned out that my answer was false.
  19. holy shit..we have soul searchers here??!!!...this cant be.
  20. I understand you all too well. After smoking I tend to drive my wife crazy with my "earth-shattering, nobel-prize winning" revelations (if only I could remember them or at least think to record them). We are just in a state that is more open to these tremendous insights after consuming cannabis, but I imagine that with a little fine-tuning of the mind you could learn to receive the insights at pretty much any time.

    My two cents anyway

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