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  1. is amazzzing. it just starting to hit me now. omg. omg. wowowoww the scrreeen starting to melt. you if you havent done this yoyu hjaeee noooo idea. this isss crazuer thatn any of my wildest drremads
  2. Hehe acids fun man enjoy, I doubt I would do it again the bad trips chased me away.
  3. wanna try so fukin bad..Been chasin sum for ages now cant seem to find any around my way (Western Australia)
  4. just don't do it very often or you will eventually have a bad trip, and trust me one bad trip is enough to scare you off the drug for life dude :/
  5. dont talk bout bad trips if hes alrdy in a full blown trip...

    this is acid 101, come on
  6. My friends like that, every time i've ever dropped acid with him.. he's like WOW I FEEL GREAT, I HOPE I DONT HAVE A BAD TRIP TO RUIN THIS. couple minutes later he's curled up in a ball with his hands over his eyes screaming lol
  7. ^^^^^^^^ agreed me and Sir TokeAlot cant seem to find ANY aciid dealers down here in WA anyone on these forums from WA or aus that can lead us the right way????
  8. fuck that ^ man, that info totally sucks... i have being doin acid for as long as i can remember and i have never had a bad trip on LSD-25. i also know a handful of friends who have never had a bad trip either. dont give generalized statements like that when theyre nothign but complete bullshit.
  9. Yeah man, i've had some scarey moments, but all my trips have been good.
  10. acid is the shit
  11. I've only had one, and i've probably dropped acid somewhere around 30 times.. it happens to everyone eventually dude
  12. not if you take care to make your surroundings perfect, and you have a stabile mind. but im not arguing anymore this is senseless.
  13. iv had bad or scary moments but never a whole bad trip. i usualy feel completely different within an hour or so.
  14. I am thinking on moving to austrailia, to me it seem slike there would be PLENTY of places to grow killer buds, I am surprised it is not the new Canada, anyone know if it is hard to get away with growing there or osmehting?

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