Acapulco Gold Strain

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  1. any info on it? i just got some Seeds delivered, i dont know much about the strain. jsut heard that it was famous in the 70's
  2. from what i understand the pure realdeal gold is no longer around.i think you can find crosses but dont know anything about where or what they sure theres a few people gonna read this thread and chime in,but i believe its gone.i believe theres a hippie out there somewhere with the oldschool strain still growin in his back yard that he's had goin since the 70's.wouldnt suprise me a bit.but good growin bro and goodluck on finding some more info out about your beans. :smoke:

    where did you get them from?if you dont mind me askin
  3. Those were my good ol' days. I smoked Acapulco Gold back then, and Panama Red when they were available, and while that was about as good as it got back then, I would much prefer some of today's refined genetics over the bags I got back then. Maybe growing under today's conditions (lights, nutes, with better knowledge about growth cycles and such) the Gold could come out better than it was back then, but from the standpoint of what I smoked of Gold back then and what I smoke from my own harvests today, it's no contest.

  4. My uncle who is one of those hippies, he sends me seeds every so often,

  5. Yep my mother was telling me about bud back in the day "we could get 5finger ounces for $10!"
  6. i just now have my barneys farm acapulco gold mother established enough to take clones and i have 3 healthy clones that should be rooted in 4 days or so.

    i dont know what to expect to be honest. but im ready to see some sativa lollipops in 3 months:hello:
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    errmm, im pretty sure Ap Gold is more Indica, but that's just what i've seen/heard.
    thick green/yellowish gold leaves during flowering.
  8. yeah i would have liked to lived in those days,but iv heard the same in quality.
    thats cool your uncle sends you seeds man who knows you might have sumthin there.
    i smoked some 20year old has that was called "mexican gold"a friend of myn's dad use to make a bunch of it all the time years ago and he hid a bunch in a box in the shed and it was forgottin about,well bout 20 or so odd years later he found it and gave it to his son"my friend" and he traded me over half of it for some swag was pretty damn dank for sumthin 20years old.we where smokin it on a needle with a cup over it off of a pool table and one of my good smokin buddies got light headed and fell backwards lol.i didnt expect it to do nothin like was goldin though almost like it was just compressed kief,it was solid though.

    lol sorry to ramble man i get caught up in my storys.goodluck on growing them though,you should make a journsl or atleast do a few updates eventually and let us check them out.but good growin bro :smoke:
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  9. thanks man, well i wont be starting this crop of Ap Gold till after my current grow. which should be done in a month or so.
  10. Well if you ever need to get rid of some seeds, I'm always open ;D


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