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Academic smokers?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Eike, May 14, 2011.

  1. I'm currently finishing my PhD in biology and I'm a candidate for a master's. I work several hours a day reading papers, reviewing them, researching independent studies and doing my own lab research for my dreaded dissertation which will be revolving around microbiology.

    I smoke weed every day and go through about a half ounce a week. I see more and more that people seem to have trouble doing work with their minds while high, but I get the opposite effect from herb.

    To get to my question, are there any other smokers here heavily involved with academia? What do you study/research? Does weed hinder, improve, or not affect your ability to do your job/studies? I do mean specifically of a scientific nature, though historians, linguists, and the like are welcome too.
  2. I always seem to power through my calculus work when im blazed.
  3. At college training to do Architecture and find it so much better doing plans and models high :]

  4. I used to want to do this. I took some drafting courses though and realized I'm horrible at it, lol. :smoke:
  5. True!! lol!

    I study system engineering and weed DOES help a lot in my life :smoke:.

    I laugh when people are so nervous before a test and I'm ubber stoned listening some dubstep :D.

    Awesome! :smoke:
  6. I run a tutoring business, & teach people how to do everything from multiplication to trig. I don't work high, but I smoke just about every night.

    Self employment rocks!
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    well...I toked pretty heavy, an ounce a week, while carrying 5-7 classes a term.

    Slept about 2-4 hours a night, and did this for 6 years (3 different degrees)

    Computer Science BS, BA (analysis focus) AS for programming languages...(and a tech degree for electronics, got that first, needed a paper saying I knew what I already knew...was building solid state video games at 8 years taught me)

    lowest GPA was a 3.84, only due to a hard drive crash, lost a term paper and had to write it over...but was a day late so lost that 'A' due to rules (letter grade per day late).

    over all I was cum-laude or better all the way through. Don't think I could have done it without the herb to relax me and thus allow me to focus.

    btw, Phd is a higher degree then a masters...or is this 'masters' something else?

  8. Scholar stoners all the way, man! I can't attest to such rigors as those the the post-grads have survived, but I'm top of my graduating class and the only true intellectual stoner in my school haha. I've been blazing twice a day for 7 months or so and I have yet to notice a significant decline in academic performance; in fact, it's been more of a creative stimulant, if anything.

  9. For some reason, I always seem to see a higher concentration of successful stoners in the programming field. Fuckin' awesome.

    And yes, that was my typing mistake. The master's is in entomology specifically.

    [ame=]YouTube - ytcracker - meganerd[/ame]
  10. I got my undergrad degree from Oxford in Egyptology and spent 3 years there getting stoned everyday. Found it helped me relax when the shit started to hit the fan work wise.
  11. It's always good to hear stoners out there that excel in academics. Expanding the image of marijuana users is always positive. Me? I have shit willpower for academics. I'll get my shit together soon though.

  12. Holy shit, smoking in Egypt sounds awesome. How easy is it to get bud there?
  13. Haha, if you count a grade 10 education as half decent, then i'm your guy.

  14. well I just have to say it...WOW!!..congrats, those are two tough fields. Good luck in the future!:wave:

  15. well I know people that dropped out of HS, some got a GED, others just went to work...most have good manual labor jobs, great families, and skills I just can't it's all relative to what you do best, work with your mind, or your hands. :D
  16. I mean, I'm not that impressive, but I'm getting a bachelor's degree in psychology, about a 3.0 GPA and I don't try hard.

    I'm hoping to go to grad school for Clinical Psychology, but I don't know. I'm not into earning money or even accomplishing things...As long as I live a full life and I make the people around me happy, that's all that really matters to me.
  17. Yea, either you go to school for a hella long time to get a good job or man up and get your hands dirty :laughing:.
    I'll go back and get my GED eventually but i'm already making more than enough money to support myself right now.

  18. Just curious, what are you employed doing now with an 'egyptology' degree?

    As for the OP's question, I just graduated from a state school with a B.S. in Respiratory Care. As long as I'm smoking quality herb, I can focus and get much more into my work. Unfortunately, some of the times I get stuck smoking mids which gives me a headache and makes me super unmotivated.

    I would go into my evening shift clinicals still feeling high after some bong hits and overall I would be more into my work. It helped me take my schooling more seriously and made me aware that I'm the one taking care of this patients lungs. The docs don't see the pt. 24/7 and it's up to me to make recommendations to get the pt. better and off the vent or whatever.

    It is refreshing to see some academic stoners on this forum btw:smoke:
  19. I have a 3.7 in Biochemistry at a D1 school. Still undergrad. I dont smoke unless all my work is finished though, I seem to do poorer when I'm high.
  20. Well, I believe this would be the time to explain my screen name. I smoked for maybe a month, if even. I don't smoke anymore, but I support the marijuana culture and am always trying to open peoples' minds to the idea that marijuana should be completely legal.

    Currently, I'm 3 years into college (just barely full time class schedule because I work for my family) and have all my core classes done. It's a matter of choosing a major now. For a long time I was, and still somewhat am, convinced that I want to get a degree in Criminal Justice. Sadly, I am almost out of money so I moved home just a few days ago. I have a Civil Service test in the morning for a jail guard job at the county jail. It pays well and I would be excited to get it.

    So yeah, I have an academic background, but I'm just not sure where to go now and I need money.

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