Ac unit or no? Ways to cool tent?

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    Hey friends! I ran into another noobish issue that i just cant seem to come up with a fix for...

    So initially, i had a portable Ac inside the tent. Well, if i sat it on 75, it would just run for a while and shut off... didnt seem to matter what i set it on it would just turn on and off as it wanted to... when the light was on (1000watt hps) it would fluctuate between about 73-78 ish. Thought that was pretty reasonable. The reason i know for sure it just ran when it wanted to is because when the light was off it would get down to 62-65 ish. Still sat on 75 degrees

    Well to make room, i removed the unit and just ducted in the cold air to the tent. Since it didnt seem to have any consideration for the set temp anyway... For the first 2-3 weeks, it did the same thing. Just turned on and off as it wanted too. Well now all a sudden, it wants to actually work right. Which sucks because now its outside the tent and reading basement temp and not turning off at all which is getting it too cold inside.... WTF??? The only thing i can think of at this point is to just turn it on fan only and blow fresh outside air in the tent and let the filter suck out as much hot air from the top as it can. Now with the way everything is set up, i cant get it below 80 81 ish... i feel like thats a bit warm and may slow them down a bit...

    Some info about the tent: 1000 watt light has an air cooled hood and its on a light mover to cover the whole 4x8 tent. right now the fan is blowing in more air than the filter can suck out making the tent bulge outward. The vent for the light blowing out of the tent is just blowing out into the basement. When the ac was cooling like it used to, the air wasnt very warm at all. Now that the temps are rising the temp in the whole basement is rising so now the ac unit (fan only) is blowing in warmer than normal basement air. Its a vicious spiral of fuckery if you ask me...

    I opened up a register in the basement to hopefully cool it down more. For some reason the basement seems a bit warm. As of now the only thing i can think of is duct the vented hood out the chimney that the ac was blowing the hot air out of and hope that it cools the basement off.

    NOW!! With all that info out there, can somebody tell me if theres something else i can do to cool it down in there? Preferably something thats not so hard on the electric bill? Because this last bill damn near trippled since it was so hot out and a LOT of that has to do with all the juice im pulling down there.

    Any and all help is welcome and appreciated. Just trying to have good quality meds here without scorching the girls...
  2. Is the fan for the hood outside the tent? I had a similar problem, but my setup was in a garage. I put the fan for my air cooled hood inside my tent which helped control my temperature a little bit. But I was battling unseasonably warm weather for the time of year, so I was trying to just kinda keep up. Had a 1000w HPS going at the time in my 4×4 tent. Also had my light on at night vs day time.

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    Less heat is one of the many reasons that LEDs are popular.

    If you vent the tent outside thru a window, and the fan is powerful enough, then you should be able to get the temp inside the tent to come close to the temp outside the tent with a high enough air flow.

    1000 watts of hps isn't enough for a space that big.
    1000 watts of nearly doubly efficient LEDs would be needed, something like 4 of these:
    260w RSPEC DEEP-RED Niemi LED Grow Light Powered With Samsung LM301B & OSRAM 660NM Diodes - Niemi LED
    But there are lots of good cheap brands, and many people are getting similar lights from chinese alibaba.
  4. First set A/C on then un plug , then plug AC back in .
    Does the AC unit come back on at the same setting it was before it was un plugged ?
    If it does by this thermal switch

    Put this inside the tent .
    leave A/C outside the tent and set a/c on hi cool mode ..
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  5. 80-81 will be just fine.

    I'm a little confused with your statement about the ac doing what it wanted to do. A/cs do not raise temps so when your nighttime temps are dropping to the 60s the ac isn't going to bring the temp up
  6. The fan for the filter is in fact in the tent. But one of the problems i have with that is the ducting for it is making a pretty sharp 180 turn to fit the light/light mover combo. This dan is blowing through the light out the tent as it is also the fan for the filter. Im thinking i might add a second fan outside the tent to suck air through the same duct as well which will hopefully help as well. My light runs from 5 pm- 5 am as well
  7. I agree with you for the most part. A lot of the equipment was donated to me. I would like to experiment with leds in the future but its going to take some saving.
    Now, someone correct me if im wrong... but 1000 watts of hps or 1000 watts of led are going to generate the same amount of heat according to my research. It all boils down to the amount of btu’s a watt is worth essentially... but, i do believe you are correct about the efficiency so maybe 1 300 watt led (of a HIGH quality led) on each half of the tent could generate the same if not better results and cost less AND create less heat.

    As far as venting out of the house goes, im going to add a 2nd i line fan to my vented hood which will be sucking air rather than pushing and duct it out the chimney. Thanks for the help man i really appreciate it!!
    Also, im going to do some research on your light choice tonight as well. MUCH appreciated!!
  8. Wow... this is LITERALLY what i have been looking for!! The only problem is, if i lise power to the ac, i have to manually turn the power to it back on once it gets power again... i think i tried something similar to this once bit im going to verify that tonight to make sure. This could be the game changer. Thanks a million friend!!
  9. See, i figured the temp im at wasnt going to make or break anything, but im really trying my best to creat the OPTIMAL conditions for the best and most product. I have read that anything over 75 is too high and i have also heart that anything under 85 is fine. Its hard to believe this plant has survived for thousands of years outside when in most places in the world it gets well over 80 in the summer...

    And as far as the night time temps, i was actually wanting them to drop more at night. Which give the plants the “fall time of year” feel. I was just adding that information to prove that even with the ac unit INSIDE the tent and set on 75, it was just turning on and off as it wanted to and not actually regulating temperature according to the environment the ac unit is in... which is why it would get down to 65 ish with the light off.

    Thats the reason i moved the ac out of the tent. Because the only reason it was in the tent to behin with so it would regulate temp inside the tent. Since it didnt, i took it out to make room for more buds. But now, it wont turn off at all because the temp of the basement never changes so the unit just keeps running. Hopes this clears it up a bit better and thanks so much for all the help guys... you all are great!!
  10. You're fine bro. Anyone who says anything over 75 has no idea what they're talking about.i would be fucked if my grow couldnt go over 75. In 30+years I've never had an issue. I've always heard 78 was optimal. Couple degrees one way or the other don't mean shit. Pot growers go a little over board sometimes.
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  11. Just curious...Where was the hot side air (condenser fan discharge) on that AC unit vented to ?
  12. It was ducted with insulated 6” flexline from the port of the ac all the way out the chimney. And that SOB got HOT! You could barely even touch the plenum attached to the chimneyit was so hot. But ac blew nice and cool
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  13. Ok honestly i felt the same way... my helper is very... one sided. He figured out a system that works well but doesnt want to do anything any other way... granted he has done this a lot and has had good success so i try to listen when i can but that light and the ac has well over doubled my electric bill... if i can get away without running the ac then im going for that. Im going to add a second inline fan sucking out air from the vented hood to help get more hot air out and crack open both registers in the basement to get it cooler down there.

    Now with all that being said, my helper is also about ALL variables being iptimal and i actually appreciate that about him. He just doesnt want to do any research or learn anything that i could teach. About it... but trust me, i have seen what he can do and hes got something going on for sure

    Thanks for the assurance man. Im really hoping to eliminate the need for the ac
  14. It will sti be optimal. A couple degrees will not hurt. Some people get a bit too concerned over little things. That's ok but not necessary to grow weed.
  15. Ok then let me ask you this... whats the max temp that will still provide good growth and quality buds? I went down there after work today and it got up to 84...
  16. Keep your airflow high and you wont see an issue from 84. It's not like its 84 all day long. It probably just peaks when outside temps peak for the day. I used to grow in an uninsulated gardening shed. Temps were all over the place even running a/c. They would get higher then that during the hottest part of the day. Now I have that shed insulated and it's easy to keep temps stable. Its prolonged exposure to high temps that causes issue. Temps that dont drop to within a decent range, staying very high all the time. It would be 100% impossible for me to grow outdoors if temps couldnt shoot up for short periods of time.
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  17. @killset your making it a lot easier to sleep at night... i guess im way to concerned about perfection. it IS a weed after all... but, like i said im just going for the best product i can get with what i got. Really diggin the knowledge leaking out of ya and going out of your way to help me out man. Im going to tinker with it a bit more to try to keep it under 80 but its good to know im safe regardless.
  18. Letting your plants roots get hot is a issue ..
  19. So the good news here is that i dont think this will happen to easy as the ac unit fan (weather ac is running not) is plumbed into the bottom of the tent. Its on the left side of then tent. And on the left half, the plants are newer so they are typically on tables above the duct. The plants on the right half have matured quite a bit so they are about 3ft tall and on the floor. Hopefully by the time the cold air has got in it has been mixed in with the rest of the tent because i dont want the root balls on the right blasted with cold air. I have 2 oscillating fans hung from the ceiling pointing downward in there. There is a ton of air moving
  20. My RDWC systems ( Hydroponic systems ) runs 3 degree warmer then inside tent temps due to ambient air temp led lights and the water pump and compressed air .
    Most of my LED lights have the power supplier mounted on the outside of the tent to cut down on inside tent temps .
    I promise you I am running twice the fans you are . I have two twenty inch fans on each plant , sometime three..
    What ever your inside tent temp is ,,, so is your container that your roots are in or your plant is growing in .
    Depending on the color of the grow container the darker colors soak up more heat then lighter colors .
    Which seems like everyone uses dark colored containers because of light getting on the roots or light in the hydroponic water which creates green algae .
    Good luck

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