Ac reflector came without glass. Do I need the glass to use an inline fan to cool it?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Jharris1245, Jul 26, 2019.

  1. Air cooled light reflector came without glass. Do I need the glass to use an inline fan to cool it? It definitely will need to be cooled as it gets plenty hot when I turn it on(1000w hps)
  2. Air cooled light reflector
  3. U can use it like that but defeats the purpose of it really id get with whomever u got it from and let them know(if new)

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  4. I don't think I need to use a fan at all. I hung/turned it on 1+ hours ago and it is still only 82 degrees Fahrenheit under shade 24" from the lamp. And I got it used for $45 including 2 bulbs and phantom digital dimmible ballast so I can't complain about the reflector not coming with a glass lens
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  5. Try it homie if all else fails tho a fan in there pointed upwards at it

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  6. If your reflector has air fittings (a go-in-sa and a go-out-sa) but no glass, then the glass is MISSING.

    Maybe it was removed.

    If no air fittings, then glass is optional, but that is one cheap fixture if that is the case as any HP type of bulb is going to have to be cooled.

    Forced air being the most common. Although some of the real ancient stuff had fans blowing on the lamp.
  7. I kept the light on for like 18+ hours and no air circulation and it got to 86 degrees Fahrenheit 20 inches directly under the light with minimal shade. I think I should be fine with a normal tabletop type fan that turns on when temps rise above 82. As for the reflector, it is a hydrofarm luminaire series xt1ac. When I try to look it up on the internet it seems most were sold with glass and mounting hardware separately from the hood and they came with no flanges. There is also no evidence or wear from where the lens and hardware would have been. Either way it is working for me so I don't really care if it has glass or not

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