AC In A Sealed Grow Room

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  1. I have been looking for an AC unit that will have no air exchange from outside to inside or vise verse. I have called and talked with a few people at the larger AC wholesalers and most say with a window unit or wall unit there is some exchange. I also talked with a guy from National Garden Wholesale about the $500.00 portable two hose unit they sell and he said for it to work properly there will be an exchange. He did tell me however that if I were to buy the $2,300.00 commercial unit it would work.

    I could use some help


  2. There has to be an exchange, otherwise it will be a stale air, it will just be cold.

  3. Yeah.

    You could build a box around a window A/C unit and hook an intake fan and duct work and an exhaust fan and ductwork to the box

    sounds like a lot of work, huh? I've considered it myself...
  4. Forget about the AC unit. Get a chiller and use the cooled water to cool the room. The chiller will need to sit outside the room, but once piped in the room the water can cool anything, more efficiently than an ac unit. Check out the line of water cooled products from Hydro Innovations.
  5. If you use CO 2 and proper humidity control you do not need air exchange. It will also increase growth rate quite a bit. If your going to spend that kind of money.

    Good Luck
  6. i saw a commercial on tv that was selling A/C units for ur car so ur dog stays cool in the car while u shop haha maybe look it up and it might be useful to ya
  7. a/c is to help to propel hot air outside and move cool air inside so in one way or another it needs to remove HEAT! they have water cooled condensers you would need a way to remove heat outta the water or a chiller with cold water lines into the room witht he condenser some where else it still needs a way to remove heat hope this helps

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