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  1. 12x12x8 foot room
    24,000 btu window a/c
    4 1000w hps w/hoods 8" duct
    room insulated
    blows like a son of a bitch
    could damn near keep my beer cold in there

  2. Anyhow, I have a 400 watter that was drying out the Tips of my buds.....running out of height!....However, easily Solved now that I Raised my fan to blow Directly on bulb, to blow away heat from the Precious Nugs
  3. Hi im having a problem, I have two fans one is 330cfm and one is a switch between 250-360. Now my problem is how to i put them? I have two aircooled hoods with two 600w running. Ive been using the one 330cfm to push air into the tent and the 360cfm to take out, but it gets a little hot, is there anything i could do like take away the intake one and put with the 360cfm? would it push more air out from the hoods? im a little confused.. hehe. I have the carbon filter > ducting > hood > ducting > hood > fan blowing out. I dont need any fan pushing air inside you say? It will all come by itself if i leave something for it go through? Or should I put both those fans pushing out and a little Pc fan pushing in?
    help would be aprreciated!! thanks
  4. or could i put the 350cfm after the carbon filter so it pushes through the hoods then the other on the other side of the hoods sucking it out again?
  5. what are you guys opinions on portable AC units, there like 300$ reasonable price. LG makes one do search in google shooping does anyone have any recommendations i need one seriously.

    what are you guys opinions on portable AC units, there like 300$ reasonable price. LG makes one do search in google shooping does anyone have any recommendations i need one seriously.
  6. I know I am getting bacl to you quite late but I will answer this for anyone that has this question in the future.
    They rock. they are like a small mini-split that you can move around. With some models, though, they will need to be modified to keep the stinky air in. I have an LG also as supplimentary a/c and it didn't require much modification at all. I took the entire back plastic off to help give it a bit more airflow and to keep it from getting to hot. made a box out of styro board and piped it out of a wall. Also, I elvated it about 3 feet off the ground and pipe the water from the condenser back into the res for my plants.
  7. I normally use air cooled tubes and a nice AC to go with them to keep the garden cool enough in the summer.
  8. After just setting up an A/C unit in my grow room (outside tent) with 11.3k btu - just thought I'd throw in my two cents... get some insulated ducting for the back of the A/C! Even though it vents outside pretty well, both the aluminium and plastic ducting gets hot and emits a lot of heat. Lowered my tent by an extra 1-2 degrees celcius by making the ducting insulated :)
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  9. I've got 2k watts of hid in 3 air cooled fixtures and about 1k watts of led lighting in my room/tent veg. In room & flower in tent, I have a 780 cfm exhaust /filter system venting into the attic at my house, live in southern US & since it's gotten hot outside my home central heating and cooling system can't keep the house comfortable below 77 during the day, my flowering tent is lights on at 11 pm off 11 am, any recommendations on cooling? Thanks
  10. Secondary ac unit.

  11. This was a beautiful post. Thank you so much! <3
  12. Hey guy it would be much better to get an air supply in to tthe room,,,a good intake is so so importent with a big enclosed room,,,i believe ,,,try to get negative pressure in your room,,,meaning the same air going in ,,,as to what is going out,,,u always want to move stale air out the room,,,good intake,,good out take,,good carbon fikter,,,,and good air movement inside,,,essential in my experience,,,good luck,,,happy smoking
  13. hello harvesting world, I'm a newbie and have constructed a 4x8x6 grow room in my garage. I only plan on using a 4x4 grow area and want to put 2 5gallon dwc, with a 600w hps. I live in the most southern part of the United States and it tends to stay between 95 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer and fall months. I was wondering if using a window unit to help maintain temp and help with ventilation with addition to the 600w hps exhaust hood, also intake. Any advice is good advice at this point. Thanks in advance!!!

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  14. Hey. I also live in the south. The heat is unbearable — good luck growing in a garage! I ended up getting an 8,000 BTU portable A/C. It’s the cat’s tits.


    A window unit would obviously be cheaper but I don’t have a window in the room I’m growing in so I didn’t have a choice.

    If you’re growing with an HPS, you may have to run some ducting from the A/C directly into your tent (6” or 8” duct sized maybe) instead of trying to cool the entire area and allowing the negative pressure created by your tent’s exhaust fan to pull in cold air.

    And you’ll need a way to wire up a thermostat so you can set the temp you want and allow the A/C to cool as needed to maintain your set temperature. That’s my two cents. My A/C was the best money I have spent in a long time. Makes growing SO much easier and more enjoyable.

    Good luck!

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  15. I agree the window unit looks like the way to go as far as cooling for the price but that's not a bad setup at all. Where I live I don't grow during the later summer months only because it's easier to heat things up than cool them down. Rest of the year is good to go.
  16. All this is true another thing u can do to help urself is run ur lights opposite nature so when its hottest outside ur lights are off this will also help warm during the cold months to add heat at the coldest point in the day
  17. A way to help fight heat is to have ur lights off during the hottest part of the day so ur not fighting the heat I am only running LEDs but my flower tent dosen't get past 80f with temps in the 100s outside I also have a way bigger fan than I need lol
  18. Right I used leds and the light schedule worked out. My setup is a tent in my shop starts to cook in there. I was at day 66 or 67 of flower and was going for 10 weeks. I don’t know what the tent temp was but after 2 or 3 days if 100s outside they were beginning to look sorry so I cut them

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