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ABV Potency and Infusion question

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Nematode128, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. I was recently given a bunch of abv to try and make edibles with. I've only made butter out of regular weed so I had a few questions. First, what's the average potency of abv? The original weed was 20% and Vaped in a volcano at 410°. Second, I've seen a lot of people say the ratio of weed to butter is 1oz of flower or 2oz of trim to 1lb of butter. I was wondering if it was similar with abv where 2oz of abv would approx equal 1oz of regular weed?
  2. 410* is pretty high I’d ground it to a powder and make either hash caps, or butter. Prob just a trace amount of thc cbd and cbn left in it.
    I vape at 390 and use my AVB to make hash caps and their a lot stronger than any butter I’ve made.
    Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads
    Have u seen this thread? 3 of these made me feel like I just started consuming
  3. Yeah I was already planning on making it into butter was just wondering what ratio I should use since I doubt the normal oz:lb ratio would be that effective.
  4. You think 2oz abv to 1lb butter would be a good ratio?
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  5. I would try 1/2 oz abv to 1/4 lb oil (only half cup 1 stick of butter or oil) use it in something. then you'll know if it's strength is good same ratio, smaller batch.... then proceed with that in larger batch if it seems right.
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  6. mostly, don't blow the entire batch of avb in too much oil, but start with just enough to make 1 pan of brownies, or a dozen cookies, or garlic toast, etc. test, adjust accordingly
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  7. Your math is exactly backwards. When you vape herb it doesn't gain mass; it loses mass.

    So (if we assume for the sake of argument that vaping herb reduces its mass by 50%) then it takes 4oz of regular weed to make 2oz of of ABV.

    ABV edibles are potent and can knock you on your ass! A lot of people don't realize that the potency per gram goes up when you vape the herb. Not because the potency is increased (that would be pretty magical if true!) but because the mass is decreased.

    I eat ABV often, and it gets me incredibly stoned.

    PS Butter is the worst for making edibles, in my opinion/experience. If you've successfully made butter edibles in the past, and are repeating your success, then power to you. If on the other hand this is experimental or new process for you, do yourself a favor and use oil instead of butter.

    Or another trick that works great with ABV is to grind it to a fine texture (a coffee grinder is good for small quantities, or a vitamix blender for larger quantities) and mix it with the dry ingredients in a recipe for brownies, cookies, etc.
  8. I'm not entirely sure, but I think he was basing his measurements more on potency than math, i.e., would he need to use twice as much AVB to get a similar dosage/effect to one ounce of flower.

    Since there's no sure way of measuring the potency of his AVB, I agree 410 is on the high side, I recommend Wake'n Bakester's aforementioned suggestion of trying a smaller amount and titrate the dose from there.

  9. Yeah I was moreso asking to figure out potency/dosage. Now I'm curious if the mass makes a difference when figuring out dosage. Ex: if I made a infusion with 14g avb, would I want to use 14000mg when calculating potency or would I want to do closer to 28000mg since the other guy was saying it loses about half it's mass when you vape
  10. So would a gram still be considered 1000mg or would you consider it more since you were saying it originally weighed more
  11. Sorry for the confusion. A gram is always 1000mg. ;)

    If the recipe calls for 1oz of herb then you should use 1oz of ABV. Your edibles will have a more "sleepy time" effect than regular edibles, because you already vaped away most of the THC.

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