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ABV Cannaoil

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by mirage445, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Hey all,

    So I'm making a bit of canaoil with some abv (mixed it in the a batch of previously failed cannaoil) and am wondering how long it should sit in the oil to absorb the THC?

    Since it's ABV I should not have to heat it anymore correct?

    Also, I'm using coconut oil and it solidifies at room I need to keep it as a liquid for max absorption or can I put it in the fridge to do the work?

    Any advice would be appreciated....I love this forum! :D
  2. Patience isn't my strong side apparently...tossed it in some brownie mix... lets see how it goes. (low expectations) :cool:
  3. You shouldn't have to if you vaped at a relatively high temp, but it couldn't hurt so long as you don't burn it while cooking.

    And yeah, I think liquid would have a faster absorption rate than solid. If you leave it solid and just add the AVB in, make sure to stir it around every few hours or something.

    Do you plan on straining it afterwards? I'd highly recommend doing so, but if you choose not to, since you're using AVB you could literally just sprinkle some on top

    How much AVB are you using? just wondering, I have about 13 grams saved up that I plan on making something with. Might wait until I'm back for summer though, dunno
  4. I didn't use too much, didn't even

    If I had to guess I'd say around 10g.

    It's a fairly small pan, will probably cut into 6.

    I tossed the leaf matter in as I wasn't sure how long it'd take the oil to absorb without heating.

    Gonna do an icing layer of nutella when it cools. :D
  5. So yeah, I completely ruined them... they're hard as a rock.

    there looked like there was a build up of oil on top of the brownies, so I just kept cooking....and cooking....and cooking.

    I figured I needed to cook it for longer since I was using a lower temp, but overdid it.

    Lesson learned.
  6. sorry to hear that.

    maybe next time don't half ass your concoction so bad? I don't mean to sound rude, but if you fail to prepare, you'd better prepare to fail.

    next time (if you want advice through GC as opposed to a recipe, which you should still be following) post your thread at least 3 days in advance. This subsection specifically moves VERY slow so it's gonna take quite awhile to get responses.

    happy new year haha
  7. I just used a box of brownie mix... I'm sure it will turn out fine next time...I just wasn't expecting it to be so moist when it was actually decently cooked.
  8. Yeah I bake a decent amount (both medicated and non-medicated treats) and one thing I've learned is that if it looks fully cooked while in the oven, it's probably overcooked. You gotta take it out a little beforehand, then when it cools and continues to cook via its own latent heat, it'll be perfect.
  9. Appreciate the input. Bed time here! :)
  10. That rule isn't applicable to everything, know that. Though it's very relevant to brownies, cookies, and cakes especially.

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