Abusive Kush Grow

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  1. Hello there,.. new to the site... thought id post a couple of pics and see what kind of feedback i got. This is an abusive kush soil grow using foxfarm 6part and 400w mh/hps -enjoy! :wave:

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  2. sorry man but i dont believe you , it looks like the growroom changes every pic , sorry
  3. well not every pic but i dont know
  4. Sorry bout that man, tried to post all of em but couldn't... here's a couple more.

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  5. looks damn good to me!!!
  6. what strain is that
  7. I picked the cuttings up from a collective in Los Angeles. Strain was labeled "Abusive o.g. kush"... I've never heard of this strain before, and was interested to see what it would turn out like... ended up tasting/smelling like a master/bubba. yummy
  8. IMO It looks identical to master bubba, pretty ladies though. Anyone know what the flowering time on abusive is also I've been seeing alot of people saying abusive is an indica Dom. The co op I got mine from told my she was 75 percent sativa and she showed it when she tripled once flowering was forced, thanks!

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