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  1. Yo wats up guys. I used to be dereklovesdank on here but i lost my password and couldnt get it back for some reason so i had to make a new name. Anyways, thought i would throw up some drawings for my first post. The last one is a painting on a friends wall.

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  2. Nice work!
  3. These are all nice but the 2nd one blows the rest out of the water imo
  4. Yea they're all great but the second is fucking pro

    EDIT: Oh yea and PM one of the mods and they might help with your pw problem
  5. thanks for the rep man
  6. Very nice dude I like them a lot. Wish I was better at abstract drawing, I generally can only draw things that I see but can't create much just from imagination.

  7. These are sick. I have some abstract drawings from my first time tripping acid.. but nowhere near the levels these are. What did you use to color the second one?
  8. That is some really, really amazing work, dude!

    It's hard to pick a favorite, but I think I like the first, third, and last ones the best.

    Everything flows together so nicely, you have a great eye for art. I wouldn't change a thing about any of them. :hello:

    Really great stuff. :smoke:
  9. I used prismacolor pencils for both of the colored ones

    Thanks for the compliments everyone!

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