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Abstinence SUCKS

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by stickygreen, Mar 26, 2003.


Is pot more important than school?


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  1. So I quit smokin weed (temporarily) 11 days ago, and it SUCKS SOOOO HARD...

    Without weed, i realize how boring life is.

    So here's the deal:

    On the drive to school, i would usually get high, cause driving is sooo boring when not stoned.

    So when i'd get to school i'd still be stoned, and i'd go to class high, so i wouldn't learn anything

    As a result, my marks dropped, so i quit (stupid excuse...)

    On top of this, my buddy (WhiteWidowLover) was all about peer pressure, and I sometimes gave in (like i should have).

    So i am awaiting april 17th ---> LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! :D

    I figure i'm gonna end up bolting from the exam room half way through like i had to puke or something, just so i can box my car...

    best part is, 420 is 3 days later...

    peace to potsmokers...

  2. i dont know if u realise it but your asking a far more important question than it would seem.

    education or cannabis.

    cannabis the most important plant on the entire planet... or education. i cant imagine a world without either. its toooo difficult i dont know which way to vote.
  3. yeah, i'm gonna end up with no replies :)
  4. bud is short term, education is long term..

    I mean, fuck school.. but in 10 years its not going to matter whether you decided to smoke up on X day or not.

    at least do good enough to get you where you want to be.. dont end up as the loser burnout who fucked up his life because he needed to blaze all through school instead of being a man and putting in some work

  5. yeah, i hear ya...i guess i'm just bs-ing :)

    in all seriousness i DO believe school is more important because it leads to a good job which can fund a good weed habit when you don't actually have to learn anything else ;)


  6. School Is by far more important. Not High School, But Colledge. If you want my opinion, Drop out of high school, Get a ged, and go to colledge and learn something that you are interested in!:)
  7. meh...I already graduated :D
  8. You get out of school in April????? Damn!!!! Even my senior year I didnt get out until June

  9. Nah it's university :D
  10. college... c-o-l-l-e-g-e
  11. i guess i can't really relate to this thread because i LOVE learning. i never want to stop... i didn't really like HS (wasn't enough of a challenge), but i can't wait to go to college. so yeah... education is more important than a plant :D
  12. well i definatly would rather go to college and make alot of money and have weed than just smoke alot of weed and drop out or not graduate...
  13. I can't decide, It depends on the situation.

    Anyways, yeah. Abstinence does suck. It's so boring compared to being high. I used to think it was because weed spoiled me. Now I just realized that I was always this bored when I wasn't smoking.

    Well... always is too strong.

    But you know what I mean.

    I hope.

    Man, I'm sick with a pretty bad cold and I wasn't gonna smoke today because my lungs are SO DAMN TIRED from coughing ALL night and I didn't think I would be able to handle it. Even though i wasn't bored yet, I was starting to get bored in anticipation for the boredom that was to come.

    All my friend had to say was "hey, you wanna smoke?" and I caved.

    Well, now that I did, I don't regret it. My lungs might be slightly more sore, but I have all night to recover. I felt so much better. Weed truly does have medicinal properties.
  14. I see we have a TOOL fan...


    Learn to swim...
  15. School sucks! I dropped outta high school (actually got kicked out and court ordered not to return) but it was the best thing i ever did. I should have not even went back to school after my 10th grade year but in FL there is a law that says you can't get a license till you're 25 if you don't get a diploma, some real fascist shit used to keep us locked up in the minds of the youth where they can reach in and reprogram us at will. Fuck them conformist slave factories we should be dropping smart bombs on schools on the weekends if we really wanted freedom.

    but anyways, i dropped out got my GED, got my license and started my electronics business and made mad bank. It was then i realized that the system was really holding me back and they did me a favor by kicking me out cause they couldn't program me.

    About 9 months after i got kicked out i stopped by the principal's office to have a little talk with the cocksmoker who got me booted for no other reason than i wasn't good enough for education in his eyes, that fucker, so anyways i stop by there, walk into his office, give him a friendly hi, and a handshake and proceeded to pull a wad of cash outta my pocket. I quickly flipped through an inch+ thick stack of hundreds and just started laughing at him, and told him "Thank you, thank you for being a dick and kicking me outta school. This is how much money I make a day, over $10,000, how much does your sorry ass make a year? Thought so."

    Not that i really care if i have money or not, i'm not greedy and personally would have been happier if i was broke but at least i got the ultimate chance to tell that punkbitch to fuck off.

    I'd say just smoke a bowl after school and utilize the skills of the clear mind in the morning to kick ass in class.

    But hell, does it even matter anymore if you do have a degree? I know people with Phd's n shit flippin burgers and IT techs and business majors asking "would you like fries with that?"

    It's pretty shitty for all of you who went to school and came out with degrees not worth a scrarchy piece of asswipe.

    I went to college for a few years but didn't get a degree, instead i got lots of knowledge, some technical licenses and certifications, and i'm working in the field i trained for. Everybody else that went through in my class got a degree are either burger flippers or weed dealers and very few are working.

    If it's really something worth working towards though, and something you want to do then i'd say adopt the zen approach to it. Either way i'd still use the philosiphies of:

    anything worth doing is worth doing well

    You can't appreacite joy and victory without being intimate with pain and loss

    Make every task you perform, no matter how simple, an act of practice for perfection, even if it's something like shoveling shit, shovel with good technique, efficiency, and strive to be the best shit shoveler on the planet

    Good experiences and bad experiences are one in the same beacuse they are experiences.

    If you laugh at yourself first, the world laughs WITH you by default.

    and in the words of Cypress Hill:

    it's time to get hiiii-iii-ii-iiiiigh, it's time ta get high.

  16. wow man...i gotta get myself kicked out of school ;)

    But seriously, way to be...I agree that it's not just the education, but the mindset that really shapes your future...
  17. ya well...... weed or school..... in the short term, you would pick wed, but in the long run you should pick school or you will not have a job to get money to buy a sack when you get older.

  18. TooSicks! wow dude, you are rapidly becoming my favourite person here at the city, overtaking Namron, Ganjaphish, Elementxero, rumjil, krazihare, switch, NuBBiN, tednugent, and many many more.

    and i'm going to go vote now.

    i think i contorted the question with what i first posted.

    "School" is unecesary (htf dya spell that?), education is vital.
    i've long thought that if i ever have kids i'm going to give them 'home ed' ratehr than have them learn the same old bullshit as everyone else does. it IS a form of mind control by the government... not only over in the states but even here in the UK (especially after the "New Labour" gov got in power). there are quotas and guidlines and half the curiculum (if not more) is defined by the government.

    fuck that... i don't want my ofspring growing up to be pawns of the system... pawns who look so happy and glee when they're alloud a head start twice the speed tehy normally move... even the bishops and rooks are fooled to think they have it good... there's only two kindsa people who demand some real respect from me and that's the knights and the queens. Queens because they're the only ones to have any real degree of freedom, and knights because although their movement is restricted by the rules they can get to places no-one else can, they move in unconventional ways. so come on everyone... lets all be knights and queens and leave them power hungry kings at the starting grid. they think they own it all but through all their power they have nothing. no freedom, they are trapped in a slow ass bubble, which if popped, everything comes collapsing down around them.

    again, i've started what began as a reasonable analogy but then went a lil too surreal.

    reading over it though... it still does all fit into society and politics and all that hat. ... heehee, the hidden political statement of chess.

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