Abstinence a girls most attractive feature?

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  1. Anyone know the feel? Sometimes the most attractive feature on a woman above all her beauty and personality, is when she can say she doesn't sleep around and you know it's the truth.

  2. Well, yeah.
    If I'm dating a girl, I wouldn't want her doing any of that kind of stuff, especially if I saw a future with her.
    No one should just go messing around, unless they are single.
    I know your feel, bro.
  3. Uhhhh there's a difference between abstinence and not sleeping around. Fuck abstinence lol I want some hot and sweaty sex, at LEAST every now and then. Otherwise I'll just go chill with a dude.. wtf
    Abstinence in the way that the girl isn't sleeping around even while she is single, because she respects herself.
  5. Wait, so you mean... not a slut or do you mean like a virgin? There is a difference.
  6. No Id say the most attractive thing about them is their personality (assuming they have a good one)

    second would be loyalty

    third is their body, because womens bodies are like works of art imo, those curves hynotize me :p
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    I know your feel.

    when I found out my GF had sex with a guy who was in grade 12 when she was in grade 9, after telling me she has never had sex before and denying all the rumours I heard about her, and making it my fault because I didnt trust her.... I was pretty fucking pissed. btw, I found out on my birthday
    Okay there's only one abstinence lol, your title is incredibly misleading. Abstinence is refraining from sex, period. Well, abstaining from anything, but the context.. you know what I mean :laughing:
    Attractiveness is obviously subjective, but yeah I guess my girlfriend not sleeping around is pretty important. If she was, she wouldn't be my girlfriend. I'm not into that stuff. Is that the point of this thread? To affirm your idea that a relationship's basic tenet is to not sleep around?
    Do you need to get something off your chest man?
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     I'm trying to say a girl who respects herself and does not have multiple partners even when she is single can be a very attractive feature. Like a girl that goes into a comitted relationship, it breaks up, and she doesn't have sex until the next relationship. Girls that abstain from sex without love basically.
    Gotta love it when they lie about it. 
    Not a slut. But girls can not be sluts but still sleep around too much for what I would ideally prefer. Finding a girl that isn't like that seems like a pipe dream though.
    First you said most, now you're saying can be. Be specific, or else your annoyance at misunderstanding is your own fault. :confused_2:
    I don't personally agree with your point though. I like sex, and while love definitely intensifies it and makes it a hundred times better - if I'm not in love, and a girl I find sexy and/or attractive wants to have sex with me - she doesn't turn me off. I have hormones, she has hormones, shit happens - especially when you're drunk, and even more so in college! :laughing:
    But when I settle down with a girl, sex once we're in love is much more intimate, much more loving, much closer, personable, and ultimately enjoyable. It's an amazing experience, one of bonding, and bringing together. It's fucking fantastic.
    But I'd be lying if I said that I didn't enjoy meaningless sex as well. That would close to saying I don't enjoy masturbation. I still fap it, and if you don't, I salute you sir.
  13. I feel ya. I don't sleep with anyone unless i'm in a relationship. I am finding that people think its strange to do that but whatever. I do what makes me happy and other people do what makes them happy. As long as they're being careful about it; i dont care much.
  14. i like when i can fuck em with a beer bottle and then raw dog it while she cums all over my dick
    The reason you need to clarify is because you used the term abstinence which to most people means not having sex at all. 
    Even "not having multiple partners" is pretty vague. Does that mean only sleeping with 1 person ever? 1 person a year? Only ever having sex in a long term relationship?
    You're being very vague, and that's why you're running into problems :p 
    Self respect and self preservation for both women and men seems to be less important than it should be. I take pride in not having sex on multiple occasions with all different women, while my buddies all gloat about the number of "bitches" they score with like it's something to gloat about. I haven't had many different partners, and I would want the same from a girl that I was with.
  17. Funny thing is, I'm still dating her, a year later.
  18. lol i go for girls with some experience, sex with virgins isnt what most people make it out to be lol
    I guess you could just say my point is not being a slut. Only sex with love involved, which atleast in theory would mean not very much sex, because love usually lasts a long time. I don't know it's just a rant to see if anyone knows where I am coming from.
  20. Forbidden fruit.

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