Absoulte first time beginner's questions on growing.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by collection, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. I live in NYC, U.S., and I want to grow marijuana. I have some questions. Thanks a LOT for your help. I just did not want to read through that 800 page help topic :(

    1.) Where is the best place to buy online? Like cheap seeds, also really safe to buy from, even if your in the U.S.

    2.) What would you guys recommend I do to buy? Should I buy a prepaid credit card? Order the seeds to somewhere that is not associated with me?

    3.) How long does it take for a full marijuana plant to grow?

    4.) How big is a full marijuana plant?

    5.) How much of a smell does a marijuana plant give off? Is there something I can use to cover up that smell?

    6.) Does it matter if I extract the bud from the plant before it is fully mature?

    7.) I do not plan to grow many of them, just maybe one or two for my own use, nothing to sell, so how much space should I allow?

    8.) I cannot get a whole ROOM to growing, but I can use either fluorescent light bulbs, or natural sunlight from outside, is that fine?

    Thanks for all your help.
  2. The best measure of whether a first-time grower will be successful or not is the degree of effort he is willing to put in at the front end to teach himself as much as possible. What you are asking is very basic and has been answered, check the sticky posts, which is exactly why they are there, and which contain much fewer than 800 pages.

    We all did it, you can too. I'm not snubbing you, it really is the best way for you to become a good grower.

  3. How true, + newbie rep toasty. How many times a day do I read post like this?!?

    Wont let me rep ya!!!
  4. Gotta learn how to use the search feature, my friend. It really works great! Good luck!

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