Absorbing Dragon Souls Skyrim

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  1. I've killed atleast 5 of those motherfuckers what happens when I absorb a soul? Like why is it so grand? Do the souls have a use?
  2. You get a 'shout'. It gives you special abilities when you use it basically.

    You can learn 20 shouts.. each shout takes 3 words each. I'm sure you've found glowing words on a wall before and your screen goes all wonky? that unlocks the shouts.

    So once you kill 60 dragons and find the words on the walls you can use all the shouts.
  3. how do i learn the shout once i kill the dragon?
  4. I've seen the glowing walls and I've learned shouts, but I'm talking about a dragon a kill randomly walking around

  5. Select 'shouts' under your magic tab. Should say which ones you have there

    Edit - Go here if you need to know more.... lots of good info. Just type what you need in the search bar and read up http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Skyrim
  6. You absorb souls from all dragons, weather its quest specific dragon or a random wandering dragon. Use the souls to unlock shouts after you find them on the wall. Also the dragon scales and bones are worth a good bit of gold and once you level smithing to 100 and get the perk you can make dragon armor
  7. You just stand next to the dragon after death to absorb its soul, then on the magic menu, you can click 'x' (on xbox controller) to unlock any shouts with the dragon souls, doesn't matter if it's just some random dragon.
  8. So are all the attack buttons bindable on this game? or is it a clicker?
    spells, attacks, ranged, etc

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