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  1. Okay, so I roll my own cigarettes. I usually purchase DRUM and roll with the papers in there. If i'm feeling extravagant, I'll usually get Hempire 1 and 1/4 79 mm rolling papers and mix DRUM and Bali Shag together to create a light and pleasurable smoke.

    Now I'm gonna upgrade and thought since you guys are all interested in good rolling papers, I'd post what I'm looking at in terms of quality.

    Now, rolling papers vary in type, style, and flavor, but for me, I will always appreciate what I call the "cowboy cigarette" which is simply a long (1 1/4 usually 60 to 80 mm) hemp or rice paper tightly hand rolled (no machine) with dark or light hand rolling tobacco.

    Basically tradition. But lately I've been looking into getting filters since I tried Nat Sherman Classics and wanted to immitate that kind of quality while saving some money via rolling machines and filters.

    SOOO. I've decided to pick up both PureHemp and RAW rolling papers, which are somewhat hard to find here in the states, but possible from what I've gathered. I'm also gonna probably roll with a Rizla slim filter (I prefer slim) in a Zig Zag rolling machine (or similar machination for 79 mm cigarettes).

    Overall the initial costs will cost me somewhere between 10 to 20 dollars depending. Rolling papers are over priced here in the states, but the tobacco is particularly cheap (1.25 oz of rolling tobacco for $3.50, which ends up between 40 to 60 cigarettes).

    Filters run about 5 dollars for fifty, papers run about 2.25 for fifty, but if you buy in bulk they can range from .75 cents to 1.25 for fifty (papers).

    PureHemp papers are obvious as to what they are, but are considered a higher grade than Hempire according to RYO (Roll Your Own Magazine). Also RAW is a new kind of rolling paper that has no additives or bleach to it, so it's as close to natural paper as you can find (both papers you can see through it, but particularly RAW).

    I would recommend these papers to anyone who rolls joints on a reg basis or rolls cigarettes, or both. These two papers have become synonomous with neutrality in terms of taste. It doesn't affect the taste of what your smoking. Anyways, let me know if you guys can recommend any other type of neutral tasting papers.

    EDIT: oh, and rolling machines vary greatly in cost and quality, but for a standard 79 mm zig zag cig roller, it's about five to seven bucks. So in the end, I'm spending a medium cost for initial, but will end up saving hundreds of dollars in cigarettes. Because more or less I'll be getting 60 filtered high quality cigarettes for about 5 bucks.

    Not to mention it's all organic if done this way (save for maybe the Rizla Filter) and is of higher quality than any marlboro, parliment, kamel, or westchester. It would be almost on par with a nat sherman. If i got a cigarette case I could easily hand those out without fear of losing much money to friends or people bumming a smoke. :D
  2. Wow you sound like quite a connoseur of the joint.
  3. OKay, so how hard is it to roll your own ciggarettes and shit cuz that sounds intresting...
  4. :wave:any one reading this shoud know that filters are bad dont use them they filter out 60% of the thc so dont use em jst thoght id spread the word since i have met pot heads which use filters:smoke: unless youre rolling a tobaco only then use em becuse a smoke is 10 times as strong without a fillter but if its green its clean:wave:
  5. whenever i see people rolling there own cigs it reminds me of some guy in the 'pen or somethin
    although, i must admit, it sure does save money in the long run.
    but the way i look at it, your a goofball for buying cigs in the first place
  6. skunk

    badabing, thats all!
  7. i liked the raw j papers I smoked, would recommend
  8. Elements are pretty good, Zig Zags are classic.

    I've been rolling up some ciggs lately. I got a pouch of Bugler and that was pretty good. I also got a box of some Top Menthol tobacco and that was even better. It's fun to roll your own. The papers that come with the tobacco are usually a little shorter than a regular pack of papers you get, and they aren't as good quality wise.
  9. All i use is the extra long RAW papers. They are so thin and tasteless yet somehow burn soooo slowly.

  10. .. And yet you still smoke Drum? Drum is FOUL.
  11. Hell yeah this man speaks the truth :smoking:
  12. Quoted for truth. In my opinion drum is one of the nastiest tobaccos out there; I usually roll my cigs with Golden Virginia tobacco and rizla blue papers (not sure if you can get those in the US) ..not a fan of the thicker papers.
  13. I got excited because I saw infiniteawesome's name, but then realized that this thread is OVER TWO YEARS OLD. :(

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