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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by MajesticWhelk, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    I have been an avid pot smoker for years now, and I have just run into an opportunity to make my growing dreams a reality. I am completely new to the grow scene. I have never attempted to grow, or ever known anyone who has. I have been doing as much research as I can cram into my brain, and I have decided on going with the following set-up for my first grow:

    1x HydroHut Complete from HydroWholesale.com (52" x 52" x 7')
    1x 400w HPS lighting system
    1x Soiless Mix
    1x 4" Inline Vent Fan w/ Charcoal filter

    I am going to be growing 16 plants from clones in my grow hut, and I will be purchasing the plants from my local cannibus club. The plants I will be growing is of a local strain called "Odyssey" which I believe is a pure indica strain. I have no experience with fertilizers, etc.

    Does anyone have any suggestions about my setup? Any questions? Does anyone have any recommendations for what nutrients I should use with a soilless mix setup? Also I believe tap water in my area will be saline, considering I live less than a few miles from the ocean. Should I be worried about this?

    I'm sure you were all in my position once. Come on, help a metaphorical brotha out with some fat ass buds. Thanks for your time guys.


  2. Welcome!

    I may have gone a bit larger on the light, assuming you are doing a flat grow. Though if you research some stadium style grows, you may be able to increase the yield while saving on wattage.

    I only mention the light as I always use a 3'x3' area with a 400 watter.

    Your ability to get clones will speed things up and save the hassle of veg chamber, mom chamber, etc.

    Everything else sounds good....will have to see if the fan keeps up with the heat over time, but thats easy to upgrade.

    Best of luck - OGH
  3. Thanks for your reply, OGH. In terms of the lighting, I have actually been considering buying a switchable 400w, and 4 or so T5 Flourescent lights to put with it. Does this sound like it will fix my lighting problem? I would upgrade to a 600w, but the manufacturers say that I might have heat problems with the 600w, which is the reason for their including the 400w. Also, I was planning on installing an oscillating fan to help with the heat. Any other suggestions? Thanks for your help so far.
  4. Actually, thinking about it more, I'm liking that set-up you got. May take a little rotating of the plants through flowering to get them all fat....or it just may rock and be reflective enough not to bother and still produce well.

    T-5's would be nice if you see you need them. May as well do it as stock as possible and work out any kinks along the way.

    I've been looking at the huts and thinking of trying one inside a large walk-in closet that I don't really feel like puttnig too much labor into.

    Can't wait to hear/see the progress, best of luck - OGH
  5. Also, would increasing wattage from 400w to 600w increase my yield significantly? If so, by about how much?
  6. I believe, talking from a lumens perspective, it would come very close to doubling. I believe most 400 watters are around 50,000 lumens and most 600s are around 90,000.

    Different for all bulbs I'm sure, but apparently the 600watters are the sweet spot of indoor growing. I can't comment more as I'm only working with 400 watts. Might snag a 600 someday when more cash is around.

    Peace, OGH
  7. your grows gonna kick some major ass in that tent, im jealous

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