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Absolutely amazing - One of the most dangerous trails in the world

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by miguel007, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. damn that's sick
  2. Holy shit... you really need balls to do that. Id deffinatly do it tho.. but just wouldnt be able to smoke before or id probobly stumble off haha
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    HOLY SHIT MAN! I dunno if I would step foot on that trail, that takes some serious guts, or a safety harness like one of the dudes in the video had. That trail is so fucking narrow and worn down, traversing a 2 inch beam for 5 feet, 500-1000 feet from the ground... insane.

    edit: wiki says its 984 feet above the river. also says that the entrances to the trail are actually closed because too many people died trying to walk it, people still sneak onto it though. oh and they budgeted a resoration plan in 2006
  4. As soon as the video began to play I was like, "fuck that", but that's something crazy to see in your lifetime. Stunning, nonetheless.
  5. :eek:OMFG!!!!!!! VERTIGOOOOO. That was some of the gnarliest shit ive seen in a awhile. i had that vertigo feeling in my gut the entire clip. and i was actually relieved when it ended. 4 people died there trying to cross that trail in 2000!!! that dude was fuckin walkin on beams of steel hundreds of feet above what is your certain death.:eek:
  6. That is pretty dangerous, but mostly due to deterioration. If they actually maintained it that would be pretty tame, except for people with vertigo I guess. Quite a nice view though.
  7. I live in the province of Malaga and am about 45 minutes away from El Camino del Rey.
    Been up there once and it is fucking scary.

    The trail is in a place called El Chorro went there last year and picked up some of the best hash I have smoked.

    I think someone died rockclimbing there a month or two back.
  8. ^^^^^lol ya coming up with the budget was the easy part. Getting people to repair it is the hard part, and prolly what they're still waiting on.

    2006 EL CAMINO DEL REY Trail restoration Job Resumes June 25,2009 1:33am​
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  9. lol yeah, i def wouldnt want to be one of the dudes maintaining that trail thats for sure
  10. Psh, "safety" is for pussies...

    Just kidding.

    That trail is way scary. I can honestly say that if I ever somehow ended up there...I'd fucking cry.
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    I see your el camino del ray and raise you one mount Hua.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ke4-cwNvDuE]YouTube - Mount Huashan[/ame]

  12. I'd like to ride my mountain through that trail.
  13. I'd do it, but I don't think I could handle those small steel beams he had to cross. If you slip or fall, you're done.

    Must be awesome view when you're high though
  14. I love climbing but I get crazy vertigo, even just up a tree. So fuck doing that unless I had a harness, damn..
  15. i like how you walk across a beam lol!!!
  16. the only parts i found that i wouldnt do is walking the poles.

    honestly how do they do that. who are tehese people. professionally trained or just risky, both? i would do it just not the walking on those poles, that part for me is unexplainable really
  17. I think in most of the pole parts they are close enough to a wall so that they can brace themselves against it

    Either way, there's no fucking way I would go on that thing even if I had a safety harness, it was completely restored and they had rails.

    Just no fucking way.

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