Absolute noob! Losing patience with seedlings!

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  1. Hi guys. New to the forum and growing. Planted some germinated seeds 5 days ago and they are yet to surface. I feel as if one is dead and that the others are suffering. I can see what appears to be leaves in one of my pots but I don't to touch for obvious reasons.
    I'm using a wilma 4, 400 watt dual spectrum lamp (18/6), placed germed seeds inside of rockwool which are now sitting on the surface of clay pebbles. Everything has been ph controlled.
    Anyway thought I'd just see if I'm being an impatient noob and wanted to take a chance to post some photos of my setup, from what I've seen on this forum so far everyone loves a photo ;)

    So in total germed for nearing on 72 hours put into rockwool cubes then into clay pebbles under 18/6 light for five days.

    Probably just my casual impatience.

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  2. I know someone who planted his Germed seeds and they popped 12 days later, so don't lose hope
  3. Removed: pictures didn't load, they do now.
  4. I'm a (4 grow) noob that has fucked up so much so I can tell you what I have learned

    You need an answer.. And here it is.. WAIT.

    I have killed 2 seeds that have just took longer to come up.. My last batch just planted it in rock wool and watered took 4-5 days for the first one 7 days for the last one.. One I opened up and died(root was working its way down before I opened the rock wool. )

    The next think I would suggest is not putting it under such a big light. Seeds are like women.. Yah we think it's fun to get right into the heavy action but warming them up slowly makes for a better night..

    Go to Walmart and buy a $15 fluorescent light and let them sit under that until the tap root is exposed to light. You are Wasting all that energy for 0 benefits.

    Know after the tap root becomes exposed to light is where I get lost. I put them in my hydro system and have waited 4 weeks for them to start to grow.. I don't know how to keep them under the fluorescent lights while keeping the roots in the dark..

    Hope this helps..
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  5. That's good to know. Fighting the urge to dig around for them!!
  6. Thanks bro. Will give it a go. I thought the lamp might be a bit extreme for my precious seedlings!
  7. Hi love. How far down did ya plant them? . I cant see very well but it looks like on pic 2 tap root coming up!! But i ant got my glassas on lol so dont panic yet. Everyone is absolurly correct about been patiant. Ive always germed under a t5 .. sum take 2 days whilst others take 7/10days!!!! Keep em warm and miost lv and they will come xx
  8. They look fried to me...either by light being too close to a baby plant or nutrient mix or whatever you're feeding them is too strong. My best advice would be to chunk that hydro setup you're trying to learn along with figuring out how to grow the plant, and grow a couple of plants in soil....so you can learn how to grow the PLANT. How much time have you put into researching and studying up on how to actually grow these plants in a hydro setup? You say you're new to growing. This is not the most successful method for a new grower to start out with. You have no experience with the plant, how it grows, what it likes, how to understand what it's trying to tell you, and a bunch of other things. You also have no idea how to work this hydro system you've got setup to grow with. Mix the two together and it makes for a lot of "I don't knows." You're going to have to put some time in on learning how to grow with hydro or get you somebody who knows how to help you along. The technicality of dealing with the system combined with a total lack of grow knowledge is not the best combination to start out with. Either study up on how to do this or dumb the whole thing down until you get an idea of how to grow the plant. Good luck! TWW
  9. Thanks for the advice. Haven't added any nutes yet as I've been advised not too. Certainly wasn't the best idea to throw myself in the deep end by going hydro. I've done a fair amount of studying and have a couple of experienced growers I can reach out too if necessary. I have a shit ton of quality seeds so to be honest I just thought I'd go for it and learn from the mistakes made. Think you may be right about the frying! Will post some pics in a few days.
  10. Planted about a quarter inch down. Though I think when they were first watered it may have pushed them a little further due to incorrect placement of the hoses. Yh i'm a little concerned about that tap root, trying to judge the fine line of nurturing them without interference. Perhaps a little loose rockwool over that tap root? Thanks for the support. Gotta live and learn I suppose.
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  11. Hi love. I wood nit put rockwool over love.. the pot from TWW is right about learning in hydro... a bit harshly said but rite... i wood not attemp hydro and ive been growing over 6 yrs. Having said that love if ya research and got a mate to show ya then go for it. We all got to learn like u say!! If ya going to stick wi hydro it may be better putting rooting clones in there instead of seeds. U could do some clones or seed in rockwool under a t5 and then bang in yr system . At least ya got kinda a head start wi stronge clones or yr few werk old seeds etc. Which ever way ya go then i wish ya gud look love. Regardless if ya have choose to start the most unforgiving way in hydro opposed to the more forgiving siol etc you still dont need lecturing about been a nooby and wat ya shud av done and how etc.. everyone starts somewhere. Ya cud do siol and fail too. Its all a learning curve and yes we all av learnt the hard way by our mistakes... we dont need it rubbing in though do we love. Like i said maybe try coco which is an inbetween .. a kind of half way from siol to total hydro.. ive grown yrs and just gone to coco and come across a few probs myself so no one out there knows everything and things can go wrong. Wen they do then try and try again. Read up on germinating or clines etc and like i say ya got a start at least if ya put some clines or a few week old seedlings in there... good luck love . I hope it works out. If ya change to siol or coco i can maybe help ya more... (plus i wont tell u off like ya a child who has done something naughty lol) happy growing and gud look xx
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  12. Yh I ignored just about everyones advice when it came to using hydro as a first time grower. But I'm enjoying the process anyway!! If this doesn't work out I can always convert the setup for soil or coco. It still hasn't been excessively long so will give it a couple days and repost some pics. Hopefully with some signs of green!
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  13. Nice one. Glad to see u ant been put off by a few errors.. we allake em love!!! If im honest... ive killed quite a few crops over the yrs lol!!! But no matter wat ya will get the hang of it and start to read ya plant... sounds daft but ya will nuture ya plants like yr kids lol and ya will no wen happy or not... keep going love and like ya said ya know hydro is hard but ya are prepared so thats good... hopefully in a few days ya seeds will be ok but if nit try again!!! And again and u will learn love.. i wish ya all the best and hope to see ya showing us big beautiful buds in a few mnth love. Good luck and dont let anyone put ya off growing babe xxx
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  14. Going off the pictures, those aren't rockwool cubes. They're Pete pellets :) very different than rockwool cubes, but I actually prefer them. You don't really have to mess with water ph too much planting in Pete pellets. Don't know how well they transplant into hydro setups tho...
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  15. Your indeed correct, they are in fact peat pellets! Apologies for my erroneous vernacular.
  16. Thoes jiffy peat pellets are very picky did you squeeze out excess water? I have much lower success rates compared to jiffy seed starter mix 99-100% survival compared to 90-95% i have had the netting cause issues once or twice too

    Big brother is watching
  17. Idk if this helps at all but I would research the maxibloom lucas formula if your a beginner. Super super easy from start to finish if your medium is coco/perlite. I dont ph or do anything except throw a tsp of maxibloom in per gallon of water when I go to feed. Maxibloom it self only costs like $12 so its super cheap to start with also. I found this method when I wanted to start some type of hydro comparrison. Theres an awesome thread on icmag all about the maxibloom lucas formula in case you need to be inspired by awesome nug shots. Good luck!

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